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Anger against BBMP and Corruption turns into a movement, Eminent citizens and Bengaluru citizens to join hands to fight criminal nexus of govt officials and builders

·         MP Rajeev says he will move court to identify and prosecute all government officials and builders who cheated home buyers and support citizens right for compensation on humanitarian grounds

·         Bengaluru has become hell for poor and law abiding citizens and heaven for land mafia, says AT Ramaswamy, Convener, Anti Land Grabbing Action Committee

·         City has become looters paradise, says Krishna, Former Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly

·         People must fight and get justice, says HS Doraiswamy, Senior Freedom Fighter

Bengaluru, August 27, 2016: Hundreds of citizens today gathered at Town Hall to register their anger and protest against the BBMP demolitions and to demand justice and accountability from the government.  Participating in a programme by Namma Bengaluru Foundation, eminent citizens and residents spoke about the corruption in BBMP and how the corrupt govt officials and the land mafia have completely taken over the city and indeed the administration itself.

The citizens shared their concerns and experiences about corruption in BBMP and resolved to fight till the end and sign the petition by Namma Bengaluru Foundation and Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP and move the court for justice and also launch a fight against government demanding accountability.

Key points made by Speakers at the event

Shri AT Ramaswamy, Convener, Anti Land Grabbing Action Committee

·          Govt is unable to protect Bengaluru from land mafia and builders lobby.

·         Govt officials are involved in looting the city and it is foolhardy to expect the same officials to protect the city.

·         The attempts of government to target poor and helpless citizens is barbaric, uncivilised and sparing the rich and wealthy. While the houses of poor were demolished without giving them any opportunity even to relocate, the rich and wealthy were given notices and now attempts are being to spare them.

·         The City needs people’s movement against corruption that has engulfed out city and I thank Rajeev Chandrasekhar for giving power / strength  to this movement.

·         Citizens silence means encouraging the corrupt officials and builders who have captured the government and the city.

Shri V Balasubramanian, Former Additional Chief Secretary of Karnataka,

·          Unlike any city in the world, Bengaluru depends on its lakes. If the lakes don’t survive, Bengaluru won’t survive. The government should work towards protecting the lakes of Bengaluru.

·         It’s tragic to see that the government itself is breaching the laws that protect our lakes and build illegal construction on encroached lake beds. The government should follow the Supreme Court’s advice of creating a welfare fund out of heavy penalties, which may be imposed on erring builders who have misused the trust of homebuyers.

·         The government should also look to replace corrupt officials with honest and sincere ones, who are removed from office for supporting what is right for the citizens.”

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP

·         Determined to fight till the end. Will fight and support people for getting compensation and justice.

·         Appeal to all citizens to join the fight against corruption/ loot of the city and put pressure on government to identify and take action against all corrupt officials and guilty builders who connived to cheat the city and citizens.

·         The govt must not adopt double standards. They must not just target the poor and middle class while ignoring the big builders and rich and connected.

·         Corrupt officials and some builders are willing partners in looting and destruction of Bengaluru and this must be stopped and criminal prosecution against these must be initiated.

·         I will ensure the guilty and corrupt officials will go jail

Shri Krishna, Former Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly

 ·          We are in the state of looters and not in democracy. We have lost Humanity and compassion.

·         We should now unite and fight a legal and civic battle.

·         The govt does not have to device any measure to compensate the victims. Rather, just pay back the taxes and bills paid by them which is more than enough money for the victims to use and rebuild their life.

·         It is high time to Invoke the summary enquiry clause and punish/ dismiss the corrupt officials. This should happen within 6 months and hence this committee should be created and action needs to be taken as the citizens do not have any more patience.

·         While I have my doubts that the govt will even touch the builders, however what can be done it to bring transparency by way of publishing the maps in each and every ward.

Shri HS Doraiswamy, Senior Freedom Fighter

·          The demolitions are commendable however, its better late than never. All of us know that everyone is part of this nexus – People who have wronged must be punished and Jailed.

·         Builders have been successful in demoralising the entire system and hence have clean records (Quoting CREDAI statement and arguments yesterday).

·         Not knowing law is no excuse. However, citizens despite whatever may be the reason have been victimised and hence Govt has the obligation to compensate them.

·         This is purely a humanitarian concern  and the Govt should find alternative place so these can be temporarily shifted till the time a solution is found.

·         Citizens should wake up and get the Govt to provide Justice.

·         The prerogative and the responsibility lies on citizens alone and so getting the Govt to compensate and punish the officials both are the responsibilities of them. This is “Namma Bengaluru” and hence we must fight to protect our city.

 Shri BN Vijayakumar, Jaynagar MLA

·          BBMP action is  height of arrogance. 90% of the BBMP officials are the ones who are to be blamed.

·         They know the art of tweaking any records. All you need to know how to buy them.

·         This is Namma Bengaluru – but it hardly matters to the corrupt officials.

·         The only way out for us is to join a Non-Political committee and fight for our compensation. No officials should be spared and shall be prosecuted/ punished

·         This will set a lesson to the future Govt/ officials to not take citizens lightly or cheat them.

Mr. Prithvi Reddy, convener, AAP

·         We are 1 crore citizens. Even 1% of this would rise and fight, there will be no escapades for the corrupt officials and greedy builders.

·         Govt has a legal obligation where it has to acquire citizen’s property, then the Govt should pay double the price and hence we don’t have to beg them to compensate us but to get the Govt fulfil its legal obligation.

Shri Sajan Poovayya, Senior Advocate, Former Additional Advocate General for Karnataka answered to people’s query:

·          Everyone feels that going to court is waste of time and the justice will be delayed. However, Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Namma Bengaluru Foundation have proved this theory redundant with getting the NGT order and help Govt redeem 1 lakh acres of land and all this was possible because of the legal effort.

·         It must be a consorted effort with the social effort(like twin wheels of a fight). So do not hesitate to step forward a fight a legal battle.

·         Demolitions are happening basis a final map available with the BBMP. If you think that your property should not have been demolished as it is basis a false map/ Revoke the order then you should join the fight with NBF and file for a petition

Other Points

·         Hundreds of citizens signed a Court Petition ( vakalathnama)  and a letter Chief Minister Siddaramiah demanding identifying and punishing all officials.

Anger against BBMP and Corruption turns into a movement, Eminent citizens and Bengaluru citizens to join hands to fight criminal nexus of govt officials and builders
 Anger against BBMP and Corruption turns into a movement, Eminent citizens and Bengaluru citizens to join hands to fight criminal nexus of govt officials and builders


HS Doraiswamy, Senior Freedom Fighter speaking at the event
 HS Doraiswamy, Senior Freedom Fighter speaking at the event

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar speaking at the event
 MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar speaking at the event

Q&A session with audience
 Q&A session with audience

Speakers at the event
 Speakers at the event

Studying the map
Studying the map