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Dabur International unveils healthier mouthwash variants in the Middle East

Herbal extracts from lime and neem offer natural whitening and antibacterial solutions

Dubai, UAE – August 9, 2016: Dabur International has launched two new variants in its herbal range of mouthwash offering in the Middle East – Dabur Herb’l Neem Antibacterial and Dabur Herb’l Lime Whitening mouthwashes.

The new mouthwashes are especially formulated with natural extracts to fight bacteria, whiten teeth and leave a long-lasting freshness in the mouth. Neem, a tree commonly found in India and the Middle East, is known to fight bacteria and strengthen gums. Meanwhile, lime is a widely-accepted whitening agent and is also known for its deep cleansing properties and refreshingly cool taste.
Vivek Dhir, Chief Marketing Officer, Dabur International, said: “Dabur is known for products that follow centuries-old oral care tradition using indigenous herbs and makes them accessible to today’s consumers. With the new Dabur herbal mouthwashes, we are confident of capturing a wider segment of the oral care market that has trusted the efficacy of natural ingredients, as well as those who are looking for better value in their choice of brands.”

Dabur International unveils healthier mouthwash variants in the Middle East  Lemon & Neem Combine Pack

Dabur’s herbal range of mouthwash does not contain alcohol and fluoride and other harmful chemicals, a value-added proposition for the region’s increasingly discerning consumer market. Market research reveals mouthwash as the fastest-growing segment in oral care with a compound annual growth rate of 12 per cent over the last three years and an estimated 15 per cent share of the oral hygiene market.

Recent market research report has noted in a new report that the growing prevalence of dental problems has heightened demand for mouthwash worldwide, with herbal mouthwashes gaining popularity. Mouthwash is becoming part of a daily regimen to prevent the growth of bacteria that hastens tooth decay.

“The demand for herbal products in personal care, including dental and oral hygiene, has been continuously growing over the years because of the increasing awareness among consumers regarding the importance of healthy living and the benefits of using more natural ingredients to improve their wellbeing. Clearly, our mouthwash segment makes a pioneering contribution in providing a range of healthier options for consumers in the region with Dabur Neem Antibacterial and Dabur Lime Whitening mouthwashes,” Dhir noted.

Dabur International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dabur India, has an overall turnover of more than USD 1.3 billion and a market capitalization of around USD 8 billion. Dabur’s International Business Division headquartered in Dubai is the cornerstone of its growth strategy, reaching a milestone of AED 1 billion within only eight years of its existence.