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Delmonte Quick munchies & fillers to add to the Monsoon Merriness

Delmonte Quick munchies & fillers to add to the Monsoon Merriness

India 10 August 2016: Love it or hate it, but you just can’t ignore it. Yes we are talking about no other season but ‘Monsoon’ which is loved by some and loathed by others. Who doesn’t enjoy that smell of petrichor coming from mud? But on the other hand the humidity is a spoiler. Similarly, while we love munching in this weather, it certainly is a time when we are prone to many health issues giving us a reason to hate it. However, very few know that it is only our wrong eating habits that plunder our joyful monsoon. Naresh Guglani, Corporate Chef, Del Monte suggests some quick and healthy munchies to gorge on during monsoon.

·         Speedy Sandwiches: - If you are stuck at home because of the rains and crave for something yummy and instant, a DIY speedy sandwich will come to your aid. All you would need is a loaf of bread, some veggies of your choice and mayonnaise to add flavors to it.

Sauté the vegetables in olive oil, cool and mix it with mayonnaise to make a sumptuous filling Spoon it liberally over a slice of bread, cover it with other slice & grill it. Enjoy it with a mug full of your favorite tea on a lazy couch.

·         Fruit Salad – Nullify the guilt & effect of pakoras & bhajjias you had last evening. Want to know best alternative to satiate the cravings with zero guilt? Make fresh fruit salad with Apples, Pomegranate, Papaya, William Pears, Bananas etc. and a squeeze of lime. Give it a punch of health by adding handful of super fruits like dried cranberries and prunes. Your immune system will surely improve to handle negatives in the air.

·         Healthy Yogurt: - Craving for unhealthy (read yummy) food is common, but it is better to avoid it as much as possible during the monsoons. Try Chunky Fruit & Nut Yogurt or Smoothie that is easy to make as well as light on tummy. Blending yogurt with fruit cocktail, cranberries & toasted walnuts in a mixer will make for a delicious & filling option. Garnish with a handful of muesli and enjoy.

·         Juicy corn kernel: - Corn which is nature’s gift to us makes for a very good option to gorge oneself on during monsoon. One can create a lot of quick snacks during the monsoon showers like, cup-o-corn, sweet corn vegetable soup and corn salad.

·         Fruit Juices: -During monsoon it may be fatal to consume open juices from street vendors. To quench your thirst, we recommend taking freshly extracted juice at home or the one’s packed in cans.

·         Trail mixes: Stuck in awful traffic jams? We suggest you keep dried fruits or trail mixes handy to satiate the craving on the go.