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India 27th August 2016, KPMG, a global business consultant recently done an analysis on Indian Real Estate Industry. According to the report, The real estate and construction sector is expected to generate 75 million (7.5 crore) jobs by 2022 and emerge as the largest employer in the country. Real estate and construction sector in India is expected to be the third largest globally by 2030 contributing over 15% to the GDP and emerge as the largest employer in India providing employment opportunities to over 75 million people.

The real estate developer’s share their views on the report-

"This report is a very positive and encouraging for the real estate sector. The real estate sector will see a significant rise in opportunity. With the changes in the policy taking place such as GST, REITS and The Real Estate(Regulation & Development) Act, the real estate sector will be strengthened. This also puts a lot of responsibility on the developers for providing quality projects of global standards to its buyers." -Mr. Prashant Tripathi, Spokesperson, Viridian Group

" The report is very positive and highly motivating for the real estate sector. To achieve the vision of Housing For All by 2022, the development needs to be at a rapid active pace along with providing the best quality construction to its buyers. The ongoing policy changes being done by the government such as REITS, GST and Real Estate Act will improve and strengthen the construction and real estate sector. Also, according to the report the opportunities will increase by several manifolds, leading to greater employment and growth of the real estate sector" -  Mr. Ravish Kapoor, Director, Elan Group

About Viridian Red

Viridian RED is widely recognized as a catalyst and for its leadership position in the real estate landscape. With a vision to deliver innovative and quality real estate solutions in India, Viridian Real Estate Development was established as a vital part of Viridian’s integrated development platform, comprising of investments, development and asset management functions.

Viridian RED is further setting new benchmarks by taking the immense potential of the World Trade Center to all of India. The company has already identified important centers of commerce that will be key drivers for growth and has planned a strategic roadmap for a comprehensive rollout of WTC’s across India and ASEAN.

About ELAN Group
 Elan is emerging as an Indian realty major; fully capable of delivering great value to its clients. Through wide ranging expertise, Elan Group is all set to offer unique residential, commercial and hospitality projects. The group aims at creating connection between discerning individuals and intelligent spaces to create exciting new prospects in developing India through innovations, new technologies and research.

Since inception, we are persistently focused on continuing to create and build spaces that can transform lives for a better tomorrow and a better world around us. Company has strong presence in northern India, specially Delhi / NCR, with projects at the best locations of tier 1 cities.