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After creating a buzz in 2015, Safi reveals its bigger plot with yet another revolutionary New TVC – Ragon Mein Khoobsurati

Conceptualized by Rediffusion Y&R, the campaign reflects on the premise that physical beauty is only skin deep, and real beauty comes from within

New Delhi, August 08, 2016: Hamdard Laboratories owns a legacy of more than 100 years and is one of India’s largest and trustworthy names when it comes to health, wellness & beauty. After receiving a fantastic response by audiences on the campaign last year, Hamdard unveils the bigger plot to the campaign of Safi – the company is taking up a challenge to create the conviction among the Indian youth to follow their dreams and create a level of self assurance that beauty lies within. The innovative campaign developed by Rediffusion Y&R and shot by Jigsaw Pictures, will be launched in the form of a TVC and on digital media with a message of #IhateumomReturns and #IHateBadSkin.


The new campaign for Safi is based on a larger premise which was the cornerstone for the campaign last year. The campaign shows the larger thought that beauty flows in our blood and Safi is that exceptional product that cleanses our system from within, giving us “Ragon Mein Khoobsurati”.

The campaign depicts and is voiced by a montage of girls declaring to the camera ‘IHateUMom’. It is a known fact that all girls in the growing years of their life have hated their mothers for possessing great skin and have secretly desired for their mothers great looks. But, with the onset of puberty comes unbalanced hormonal side effect such as rashes, acne, blemishes, and patchy skin. All this gives any teenager a nightmare. The horror of discovering bad skin and lack of skin confidence is enough to create a nightmare in her life. Unknowingly, they blame the mother for not bestowing them with her skin. The TVC this year, is an acknowledgment of gratitude to the mothers for introducing Safi to their daughters and helping them take the brand in their fold and for making it a part of their lives and making them understand that one can only be beautiful from the outside when one is beautiful within. Safi understands that with the change in time, the younger generation wants to break the old stereotypes about mere outer physical beauty, and become beautiful and confident from within.

With more than 25 natural ingredients, Hamdard Safi gives inner beauty by purifying blood to attain a cleaner & healthy skin. Safi purifies the blood from within by giving liver, thyroid and the rest of the body the needed support and by eliminating the toxins that usually cause acne and blemishes. There is Neem which purifies the blood and keeps it free from almost every skin disease. Chiraita keeps the skin toxin free while Senna keeps the stomach clear, and Tulsi improves blood circulation. As a result your skin glows and shines like never before.
Commenting on this, Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, “ It has been a constant endeavor to get into the ‘skin’ of the younger generation, understand their attitudes, driver and sensitivities, and reach out to them basis these insights. The “I Hate You Mom” campaign last year was a bold approach for Safi, and we saw tremendous affinity developing in the younger TG. This time around, we continue on the same basic insight, but now extend the thought to a more universal philosophy of “inner beauty”, symbolized by “Ragon Mein Khoobsurati”. I believe this path breaking campaign will put Safi into a very close space with the youth.

Nilotpal Singh, Sr. Brand Manager, Hamdard Laboratories said, “New SAFI campaign tries to complete the story which was started last year with #IHATEUMOM campaign. Creative this time is about self-realization that “real beauty lies within which leads to the beautiful skin outside”. Going further brand will own a larger plot on larger philosophy of “Ragon mein khoobsurati”. We are also trying to uplift the brand imagery and I feel that our creative agency and production house has done remarkable work in this direction.”

The TVC can be viewed at:

About Hamdard Laboratories India:
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