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Sharjah Tatweer Forum presents professional productivity experience at 6th Gulf Conference on Productivity and Leadership in Oman

Forum discusses key drivers of success in workplace & highlights ongoing efforts to improve productivity & social capital

17 August, 2016 – The Sharjah Tatweer Forum (STF) showcased the most important and currently relevant trends in enhancing professional productivity through team effort, including establishing close and strong ties between employees and creating motivating and progressive work environments during its participation in the 6th Gulf Conference on Productivity and Leadership held recently at the Crowne Plaza in Salalah, Oman. It also highlighted the importance of diversifying resources by equipping the younger generation with the necessary skills and providing them with relevant experience to further enhance their competencies. The two-day conference was held under the patronage of H.E. Mohammed bin Sultan Al Busaidi, Oman’s Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, and in the presence of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar bin Said al-Marhoon, Oman's Minister of Civil Service as well as a number of VIPs, government officials, and entrepreneurs from across the region.

Sharjah Tatweer Forum presents professional productivity experience at 6th Gulf Conference on Productivity and Leadership in Oman

Jassem Albloushi, Chairman of the STF, the forum representative at the conference held under the theme ‘Distinct work relations for more productivity,’ presented a working paper entitled ’Cement and not brick.’ He extensively discussed the drivers for professional success and leadership supported by case studies of pioneers, decision-makers, and specialists from different fields. Jassem Albloushi emphasized on the importance of optimal competition and investment in enhancing social relations and work environments as a means of increasing productivity. He also discussed the negative approaches and effects of the employee evaluation systems – a key topic within the paper – on both the personal and professional life of an employee. In addition, Jassem Albloushi talked about managing talents, encouraging social intelligence and group work to increase productivity, highlighting the importance of work equality between genders, and empowering women to take on roles in leadership, management and operations.
“Productivity is considered a core element for the success of any organization. It requires efforts from various management levels and departments where the manager plays a fundamental role as he/she directs and motivates employees on the right way to enhance his/her work efficiency, boosting the corporation’s productivity. Moreover, the manager is responsible for motivating teams towards a positive competitiveness in order to build an inspiring workplace atmosphere,” said Jassem Albloushi.

“The 6th Gulf Conference on Productivity and Leadership is a vital platform for discussing the challenges and practices in enhancing work efficiency, which is considered one of the key elements in developing work. This year’s edition concentrated on building good relations among colleagues, as it reflects positivity on work productivity and enhances competitiveness within an organization. The more communal and friendly the atmosphere is, the more efficient, effective, and productive the workers will be. Our participation falls in line with our eagerness to strengthen our relations with officials and benefit from the research and studies presented by renowned experts,” Jassem Albloushi concluded.

The conference held a panel discussion on managers’ roles in enhancing efficiency by building a positive environment and fostering trust between management and employees, which, in turn, leads to the development of respect and a sustainable work environment. It underscored the importance of managers in establishing strong workplace ties based on collaboration, cooperation, inclusiveness, and in line with over-all long-term organizational objectives.