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Universal Robots Standardizes Shop floor Processes for Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Pune, India, August 18, 2016: Esben H. Østergaard, founder and CTO of Universal Robots, and Vikas Sawhney, GM, Engineering, from Bajaj Auto Ltd. showcased the proficiency of a co-bot through an interactive session to demonstrate how collaborative robots are increasing the efficiency of processes on Bajaj’s shopfloors. Since 2010, Bajaj Auto Ltd. has more than 100 Co-bots helping them drive their position as the world’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer. They are the first company in India to implement the use of collaborative robots in automotive assembly lines in India.

Universal Robots Standardizes Shop floor Processes for Bajaj Auto Ltd.

L-R: Dr. Esben H. Østergaard, Founder and CTO of Universal Robots with Mr. Vikas Sawhney, Bajaj General Manager Engineering (Robotics and Automation) and Mr. Pradeep David, General Manager, Universal Robots India during a live demo session in Pune

On this occasion Vikas Sawhney, Bajaj General Manager Engineering (Robotics and Automation) said,  “Two-wheeler assembly lines are highly labor-intensive, spatially challenged which have physically taxing movements that require high-end precision. While trying to automate these lines, one of the basic requirements was for standardization. Moreover, we also wanted to be cognizant of the requirements of the large women workforce at Bajaj.”

During this session, Vikas Sawhney and Mr. Esben H. Østergaard also showcased a short video on how the UR co-bots revolutionized the Bajaj shopfloor by streamlining and automating the processes of production across units.

Adding to this, Esben H. Østergaard, Founder and CTO of Universal Robots said, “We are very happy to hear about how our co-bots have eased out processes at Bajaj. Our co-bots were chosen because of their compactness, safety and cost effectiveness. This is a sustainable and suitable option for companies like Bajaj whose employees now possess the right tools to carry out repetitive tasks with faultless precision. The collaborative nature of our co-bots will ensure that their employees are beaming with smiles at the end of their day.”

Universal Robots (UR) was launched in India on October 22, 2015 and is the leading manufacturer of advanced user-friendly and light industrial robotic arms from Denmark.

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About Universal Robots

Universal Robots makes robot technology accessible to all levels of industry. The Danish company has taken the world by storm with unique industrial robots that optimize production in ever expanding markets. By offering a user-friendly, affordable robot, Universal Robots lowers the automation barrier enabling automation in areas previously considered too complex or costly. The company is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, where all development and production is carried out. The Indian headquarters is in Bangalore, India where the company also has a technical lab.

About Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Bajaj Group is among the top 10 Business houses in India. The Group manufactures and markets a range of products and services in India and abroad including 2 and 3-wheelers, home appliances, lamps, wind energy, special alloy and stainless steel, castings, cranes, forgings. Its businesses also cover the following sectors: infrastructure development, material handling equipment, travel, general and life insurance and investment & financial services. Market capitalization of the group at present is over US $ 8 billion