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GST - Inputs by Saveonmedicals

India 04 August 2016 : GST is the single most important tax reform that can act as a great catalyst for growth of the industry in general and e-commerce sector in particular. Today, we are faced with issues of multiple taxes necessitating creation of multiple warehouses and logistic hubs. All these multiplicity leads to increase in costs which obviously is passed on to the end consumer. With GST, all these could be replaced with much fewer logistic centres thereby reducing costs and hence lower prices for consumers. This would spur sustainable growth led by demand. Customers of online pharmacies would benefit a lot because this would ensure that the medicines which are not available in a particular area / state can be ordered and procured from other states through these online portals. This will have tremendous impact on healthcare services which would move towards an equilibrium across states and regions rather than being concentrated in some large cities".

Ajay Gandotra, Co-founder,