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5 Gifts Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

India 30 September 2016: 

5 Gifts Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

5 Gifts Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

5 Gifts Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

5 Gifts Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

5 Gifts Ideas For Eco-Friendly Wedding

How inspirational it would be if you favor your guests with some handcrafted ornaments filled with seeds. They will feel so special when they’ll see the first flower of the seeds that you gifted them on their special day.

We; The people waste lot of food and flowers on the wedding. If we do some charity and donate the leftovers, whether it is some food, flower or water bottles to those in need, that will be more eco-friendly and helping, No?

Why not end your day on a very sweet note? You can favor your guests with a bottle of fresh honey from the local farm or the fresh chocolates from the bakery or a jar filled with candies. It is quite eco-friendly and guests will love this for sure.

Fresh Fruits 
Instead of spending money on other expensive things we can also gift fresh fruits to the guests. Fresh fruits from the local farm will be eco-friendly and healthy to eat. Guest can carry fruits in a recyclable bag.

Eco-Friendly Bulbs
If you had LEDs or other energy efficient bulbs at your wedding then you can donate your lightening to the venue so that they can use them for the future purposes.
(Tips shared on behalf of Mr. Ashu Garg, Founder, Good Times Concept events, a wedding architect firm)

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