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Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

India 27 September 2016:

In a bid to instil in children a liking of math, Cuemath, a sophisticated after-school math learning program for KG to 8th class kids, has decided to organize about 40 math quizzes on 1st and 2nd October.

The quizzes will be held in different societies and residential areas across Delhi NCR. Certified Cuemath teachers will be conducting these quizzes in auditoriums with parents being given an opportunity to witness their kids participates in the event. One can register their child on for the event on to cuemath website. The registration fee is INR 100.

These quizzes will give students a unique exposure that they normally do not get in schools or tuitions. Besides, the event intends to put to test the Math reasoning and thinking abilities of children and is packaged to be fun, challenging and exciting. The winners of each quiz will get medals and all the participants will be getting certificates.

Also, Cuemath will soon organize a city-level Cuemath Quiz where winners from each of these individual quizzes will be eligible to take part and win exciting prizes.

“The reason for organising the quiz is to instil in children a liking of math and to show them the beauty of math, the universal language. The Cuemath Quiz enables the child to think analytically and logically,” explains the Cuemath’s team. The team adds, “The event strives to invigorate a competitive spirit among all the students. The aim is to help them to see Math in a different way which is based on logic and reason. It is a fun way of experiencing Math. Reiterating the message, Manan Khurma, Founder and CEO, says, “If there is one skill that every child should learn, I think it is the skill of being great at maths.”

In each individual quiz about 40 to 50 children are expected to take part. Overall 2000 plus students are expected to be part of the Cuemath Quizzes taking place across Delhi NCR.

Cuemath follows a multimodal learning approach that consists of engaging set of workbooks, gamified tab-based activities and interesting puzzle cards that provide fundamental math learning to the kids.

"A major part of Mathematics is making connections between separately disparate ideas, something that is completely missing from conventional math education,” Nikhil Pawar, Head of Curriculum, says.

Cuemath was curated with an aim to make kids great at math from a very young age. Through a ‘why¬before¬what’ approach to math learning, Cuemath aims to tap the kids’ natural curiosity and engage them in the subject, in the eventual hope of making them fall in love with the subject and have a transformative impact in their  lives.
Cuemath's core team is comprised of math, education and technology graduates from IIT, IIM, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard. They have recently raised $4 million in funding from Sequoia Capital and have invested millions on its learning system. Cuemath has over 2000 centers spread across 100 cities teaching more than 8000 students and striving to make them great at math.

Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

Cuemath Quizzes for kids taking place across Delhi NCR

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