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Dubai Data Establishment Hosts Third Master Class

 UAE, September 6, 2016
– The Dubai Data Establishment hosted its third masterclass for representatives of several government and private entities on 6th September at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government. Lead by Younus Al Nasser, CEO, Dubai Data Establishment, the masterclass introduced attendees to the accomplishments of the initiative since its formation in 2014 and also included a detailed overview of next steps for government entities in the Dubai Data roadmap.

Dubai Data Establishment Hosts Third Master Class

During the masterclass, speakers and participants discussed the formation of the Dubai Data Establishment, its core duties and the obligations of partner government entities. Younus Al Nasser also explained how the Dubai Data Initiative will fuel the Smart Dubai Platform which will in turn power the Dubai Data Portal - the city’s single entry point to Dubai Data having a collection of the city’s most impactful data.

The Dubai Data Establishment will carry out five core duties guiding the Dubai Data Initiative, including oversight; building the classification framework; maintaining primary registries; monitoring compliance and enforcing policies.

Partner entities will have an obligation to prepare their entity’s data for sharing, by first identifying obstacles which the Dubai Data Establishment will review and help to resolve; followed by classifying and categorising their data according to the Dubai Data Framework; and finally by developing a plan for sharing their data.

All entities will require modifying their infrastructure in order to publish and share data, and thus take all necessary actions to do so. The entity will also be responsible for reporting on data publication and sharing to the Dubai Data Establishment.

On an ongoing basis entities will also be responsible for the upkeep of their data and compliance with the Dubai Data Law. This includes handling any data that the entity receives from other data providers in compliance with the law, as well as adhering to all policies and requirements adopted by the Dubai Data Establishment. The entity is also responsible for ensuring the quality of their data and for regularly updating their data.

All open and shared data will be made accessible via the Dubai Data Portal, powered by the Smart Dubai Platform. At launch, the Dubai Data Portal will feature the Dubai Data Manual, a QuickStart Guide and an overview of the Dubai Data Policy Framework. In accordance with the Dubai Data roadmap, the portal will be continually update to become the single, secure access point for Dubai Data by the public and private sector.

“Dubai Data is fuelling our smart city transformation. In the near future, Dubai Data will lead to improved decision-making; enhanced creativity and innovation; deeper insights; greater inclusion; higher efficiency and better safety for the whole city. In line with the vision of Smart Dubai, members of the Dubai Data Establishment are working together to increase happiness for the whole city and contributing to making Dubai the smartest city.” said Younus Al Nasser.