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SHOPX associated with Hyderabad retailers, made them a part of nationwide digital network, enabling online shopping for their customers

Hyderabad, 28th Sep 2016:: SHOPX a venture of 10i Commerce Service Pvt. Limited has associated with the neighborhood retailers of Hyderabad and other cities to enable online shopping for customers. In Hyderabad we tied up with FC Mobiles & Kunal music. SHOPX brings a completely new way of buying online, by using your trusted neighborhood retail shop to make online purchase on SHOPX, take the delivery, make payments, and carry out returns if needed. This way, consumer gets a safe and trusted “one stop shop” for thousands of products and services.

SHOPX associated with Hyderabad retailers, made them a part of nationwide digital network, enabling online shopping for their customers

“In spite of all the hype surrounding it, Indian e-Commerce accounts to only about 1% of overall Retail and Trade in the country. Most of the people, especially in smaller towns and cities, don’t feel comfortable buying on the internet”, said Mr. Amit Sharma, CEO, SHOPX. “There are various kinds of concerns like not having a smartphone with a permanent data connection, not have an online payment option, or a cash on delivery option available or home address may not be serviceable by the courier service. Even if all this is in place, customers are often concerned about returns, product quality and genuineness”, he further added.

SHOPX brings a perfect solution for online shopping for these customers in all the cities and an opportunity for the neighborhood retailers’ i.e the telecom, kirana, stationary or clothing shop that customers regularly purchase products from. The real backbone of Indian retail sector, today, these 1 crore neighborhood stores together form about 95% of the Indian Retail and Trade market. SHOPX uses its technology and marketplace to partner with these nearby retailers to become part of a nationwide network of “SHOPX enabled retailers”. SHOPX allows the retailer to sell tens of thousands of products listed on SHOPX, across hundreds of categories like Mobile, Electronics, Clothing, even daily use FMCG products & many more. In addition, the Retailer is enabled to provide digital services like, Mobile & DTH recharges, Bill payments, Ticketing, Digital Apps etc.

The SHOPX Tab and App is installed at the nearby retailer, where customers can experience online shopping by registering on the Tab and getting a personal consumer App for offline buying. SHOPX will deliver the goods to the retailer. So customers will “Shop online & buy offline”. They also get to choose from a wide range of quality products, which are sourced from well-established & leading brands with a very stringent quality check. Customers also get 10 days return policy, with 100% refund. SHOPX has already associated with 18,000 retailers.

“Idea is to combine the benefits of online shopping & offline buying for consumers in the comfort of their neighborhood and enable the small retailer and make them a part of the nationwide digital network offering the best and modern products and services to his/her customers. This will allow him to compete effectively in a changing work environment. With the SHOPX technology, these trusted neighborhood shops become a “one stop shop” for everything- buying, deliveries, payments, returns”, shared Mr. Amit Sharma CEO, SHOPX”. “It’s important to understand that India is a large country and needs its own solutions, not copies of what has been done in the west. Our mission is to be the next generation Technology Company that questions the basic assumptions, driving various parts of retail value chains and be a market leader in our space”, he further explained.