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St Martha’s Drives Awareness Through Programs for National Nutrition Week 2016

St Martha's hospital organizes awareness programs for National Nutrition Week

St Martha’s Drives Awareness Through Programs for National Nutrition Week 2016

Bangalore, September 2, 2016: National Nutrition Week is currently underway and will be celebrated till September 7th. This week dedicated to nutrition is celebrated across the world and in keeping with its main goal, St Martha’s has done its extensive bit to enhance awareness on the need for quality food and nutrition and its role in the growth and development of a healthy individual. This year the hospital lays a focus on the theme ‘Better Nutrition for Life’.

There are a range of activities taking place at the St Martha’s Hospital.

September 1st – General health and nutrition awareness will be provided through visual aids and video presentations.

September 2nd – The importance of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation will be explained with visual aids and a health snack tasting session.

September 3rd – Nutrition in diabetes will be dealt with through visual aids, information on healthy choices of food and healthy snack tasting session.

September 5th – Eating with dialysis will be the focus through visual aids. The session will also go in depth on the dos and don’ts of a renal diet.

September 6th – Managing cholesterol with your diet will be the core session conducted with visual aids and healthy eating options suggestions.

September 7th – A range of forgotten yet, nutritious foods will be brought to the fore with a tuck shop being created for the purpose as well.

Each of these programs takes place from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM and is open to all visitors to the hospital. Clarifications and queries if any will also be addressed. These sessions will be conducted by Clinic Nutritionist professionals of St Martha’s.

Speaking on the Nutrition Week, Sr.Teresa Mandakath , the President of St Martha’s Hospital says, “National Nutrition Week has been instituted by the Central Government since 1982. It is the duty of hospitals to work towards creating awareness on good nutrition, which continues to be an issue in multiple levels of society. We believe that our compassionate care-giving at the hospital is ideally supplemented by enabling people to know more about nutrition and looking after themselves. This week-long initiative, we believe is a great step towards this goal”.