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mCarbon introduces new and advanced contextual marketing platform iContext 2.0to bolster customer engagement to enhance cross sell /upsell for mobile operators

New Delhi, 15 September 2016 : mCarbon, India’s leading mobile technology solution innovator announced the launch of new and fully rechristened contextual marketing platform, iContext 2.0 earlier known as interactive end of call notification. The new platform will work on immediate segmented scalable framework and will use the latest techniques in complex event processing, machine learning and real time analytics to reveal deep insights into customer’s behavior.

mCarbon introduces new and advanced contextual marketing platform iContext 2.0to bolster customer engagement to enhance cross sell /upsell for mobile operators

mCarbon’s iContext 2.0 features dedicated churn prediction module, a key value proposition that advances beyond campaigns and adopts a contextual multi-channel engagement model which creates highly engaging customer interactions and yields proprietary operator data that cannot be replicated by traditional marketing methods or disparate third-party data sources.

iContext2.0 is to be the next evolution in the area of one-to-one marketing which will act by extracting values from operator’s data and enabling faster and qualitative customer interactions. Among many significant features iContext 2.0 will provision extremely simple service creation environment, chain linked and multi- mode campaigns, retailer engagement module and campaign health index which will allow users to measure ROI through analytics for pattern identification.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajesh Razdan, CEO and Founder, mCarbon said “Advanced Interactive Notification channel assures wide reach and higher response rate to event based notification delivered to consumers. iContext 2.0 is well tailored to help telecom operators automate and manage the end to end marketing workflow. And we believe that the new version is key pillar in the significant increase in responses to contextual offers”
With its successful launch, iContext in the past has supported personalization for an aggregate 400 million subscribers in a short span of time. Individualized campaigns and proactive data analytics resolved the issues with bulk segmentation and enabled enormously improved conversion rate of marketing campaigns for telecom operators resulting in high degree of cross selling and upselling.

About mCarbon
mCarbon is the leading provider of Innovative revenue uplift and customer value management products for Telecom operators globally. Since inception, mCarbon has successfully transitioned from network VAS roots to becoming an innovator in subscriber revenue services for CSP’s. Around nine years since inception, mCarbon has successfully developed an innovative product suite which enables service providers to simplify and personalize customer experience by having various products that steer revenue via subscriber engagement over the network.Globally headquartered out of Noida(NCR)India, mCarbon is currently a team 250 + people, capable of supporting any geography of the world. It operates directly with a stream of partner ecosystem