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10 Basic Swimming Techniques You should know

10 Basic Swimming Techniques You should know

India 20 October 2016: 

Learn Basic Swimming Techniques

If you are just new to swimming, there are certain basic swimming techniques you should know so that you feel safe, while in water. Once you are familiar with these basic techniques, you will be more comfortable and relaxed when you learn other popular swimming techniques. Read on to get an overview about these basic swimming techniques.

Getting Comfortable in the Water

The very first step when you just start learning to swim is to get over your fear of entering the water and learn to control breathing once you are in the water. There are many ways in which you can overcome your fear of Water and to control your breathing.

Learning How To Float

Knowing how to float can save your life, and it’s the first step in learning how to swim freestyle. Before you learn to swim you should learn to float. It is very easy to float in the water as long as your lungs are filled with air. Try doing a Mushroom float which is a simple exercise you can do to learn how to float.

Learning the Flutter Kick

One of the most effective and simple swimming technique is the The flutter kick, where in your legs execute kind of a whipping motion. When you start to learn swimming, you should learn this technique in a prone and in a supine position. This will make you able to use the flutter kick to tread water and to swim dog paddle.This amazing technique is also used while swimming backstroke and the freestyle stroke.

How to Do the Starfish Float

One of the basic swimming techniques is the starfish float. In the starfish float you float on your back or on your chest in a horizontal position with the arms and legs spread apart. The name starfish float comes from the form you take which looks like a starfish.

Learning the Breaststroke Kick

Breaststroke kick is one of the most important swimming technique to know for beginners. This technique is more difficult to learn than the flutter kick. The breaststroke kick is used by novice to tread water and to swim elementary backstroke.

Sculling Water

Another swimming technique which is quite simple to learn is Sculling water. In the sculling water technique you float in an upright position with your head above water and with your arms extended sideways at shoulder level. In this technique the swimmer uses quick sweeping movements of your arms at the water surface, which helps you stay afloat.

Treading Water

One of the important basic swimming technique that one should know while learning to swim is to know how to tread water. Treading water is a technique which involves moving your limbs to keep your head above water and your body afloat in a vertical position. This technique allows you to stay afloat in the same spot while keeping your head above water and your body upright. It is a very useful technique when you need to find direction when in water or to just look around you. Learning how to tread water is easy once you know how to flutter kick and how to scull water.

Dog Paddle

Another simple swimming technique which you should learn as a novice is the Dog paddle or doggy paddle. In this position you float in the water in a horizontal position and keep your head above the water surface and look forward. You use a flutter kick and paddle forward and downwards with your arms. This technique looks more like the technique used by dogs and other mammals to swim.

Elementary Backstroke

Another basic swimming technique which you can learn quickly as a novice is the Elementary backstroke. This technique is very easy to learn once you are able to float on your back. Elementary backstroke uses an inverted breaststroke kick and simple combination of such movements of the arms for moving forward.

Take time to learn and master these basic swimming techniques. Once you have mastered these basic techniques you will be well ready to take on the most popular swimming strokes. One important tip is to remember to always practice in a safe area with supervision by a lifeguard or some experienced swimmer.

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