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A critically acclaimed play by the masters of Mask Theatre, FAMILIE FLÖZ

On: 28th& 29th October 2016
Time: 4pm & 8pm
At: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-110001


India 19 October 2016: AGP World, producers of super hit theatrical plays, proudly brings the critically acclaimed play  Hotel Paradiso, a critically acclaimed play by the masters of mask theatre, Familie Floz, on their first tour to India. Based in Berlin, the German production FamilieFlöz is internationally renowned as one of the world’s leading mask theatre companies. ! Using over 25 masks  the play showcases humor, improvisation, mime and physical comedy to create a  family-friendly show. All the world’s a stage… Four actors, 29 characters, no words and loads of laughs, Hotel Paradiso is filled with guests from around the world. Touring worldwide with its inimitable brand of visual comedy. With its repertoire of hit shows, FamilieFlöz has captured the hearts of young and old alike. The world’s leading theatre mask specialist will be performing for the first time in New Delhi, on 28th & 29th October , at Kamani Auditorium.
Ashvin Gidwani, Managing Director, AGP World states, “AGP World is extremely delighted to be the preferred partner for Hotel Paradiso, a top notch production from Europe . This venture will open up avenues for crossover collaborations  in the world of theatre. “
The heavenly name and Alpine spa location of Hotel Paradiso promises a relaxing “get-away-from-it-all” type holiday. Four stars adorn the entrance but dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. All is not as it should be in the quaint family-run hotel in the middle of nowhere where atrocities abound and nobody is safe. Watch an Alpine dream turn in to a nightmare as the squabbling staff struggle to keep their secrets hidden, the business alive and the corpses out of sight! This is a dramatic nightmare steeped in black humour with a hint of melancholy, the most vicious and mysterious play hitherto staged by FamilieFlöz.

Every production is made in a creative, collective process in which all performers also engage as the authors of their characters and situations. In countless improvisations the group works around its self-chosen theme and collects dramatic material, before the speechless masks come into play. Similar to working with text, the mask brings with it not only a form, but also content.. Sensitive to the spectators responses, and with a critical eye on our own work, all Flöz productions continue to develop and change as they are played and consequently inherit their density and intensity.
FamilieFlöz is a German-based theater company that uses humor, masks, improvisation, mime and physical comedy to create family-friendly shows. The company was incorporated in 1994 has travelled to more than 34 countries. All productions are produced in creative collaboration among the troupe's four members, which now consists of BjörnLeese, Benjamin Reber, HajoSchüler and Markus Michalkowsk. FamilieFlöz is an international pool of theater makers.

Tickets are priced at Rs. 500 onwards and can be bought at
An Ashvin Gidwani Production (AGP)

About Hotel Paradiso
The road to heaven leads through hell. Strange things happen at HOTEL PARADISO, a time-honoured mountain resort kept alive with some difficulty by an old lady and her family. While a mineral spring promises relief from physical and mental pain and the hotel proudly boasts four stars, dark clouds are nevertheless gathering in the bright sky. The son dreams of his great love while fighting his sister in his effort to gain control of the hotel. Meanwhile, the maid is in the habit of stealing the hotel guests' valuables, and the cook chops up much more than just pork... A first corpse turns up causing all the hotel's staff and guests to get mixed up in a turmoil of fatal events. Dark abysses open up between the dizzy heights, threatening to devour all of the protagonists. The hotel's decline seems to be inevitable, since corpses are always bad for business...