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Aasaanjobs launches an innovative tool Hiring Cost Tool

·         The first-of-its-kind human resource planning tool helps employers to estimate how much money they are spending for each new hire and how to lower the hiring costs

New Delhi, 6th October, 2016: Aasaanjobs (, one of India’s leading online recruitment marketplace that connects entry level job seekers with employers, today announced the launch of its industry-first recruitment tool, named hiring cost tool.

Aasaanjobs launches an innovative tool Hiring Cost Tool

Hiring is an expensive process. Cost per hire includes advertising fees, agency fees, employee referrals, travel expenses, relocation expenses and internal recruiter costs. Aasaanjobs’s innovative hiring cost calculator aims to help employers better understand the cost of recruitment. The calculator help employers get a better understanding of the total hiring cost and cost per hire because it is important to determine the level of investment that provides the best outcome for an organization.

Speaking about the unique and innovative product, Siddharth Gupta, VP, Sales & Marketing, Aasaanjobs, commented, “Hiring employees is one of the most essential part of any organization, so it is necessary to recruit candidates who are the best fit for the organization. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to recruit someone with merit. Therefore, It becomes important for the HR managers to justify their methods and expenses.”

“The Hiring cost calculator is a tool to understand how much money one should put in to hire specific employees in the organization and therefore create and budget your HR operations in a much more data driven way. Moreover, calculating the actual recruitment cost per hire is a very complex process. We understood that this insight is an extremely important parameter for every HR, but it was a fairly complex parameter. That’s when we wanted to build a tool for everyone - a startup, an SME, or a corporate employer and to help our fellow community of HRs.’, he added.

Aasaanjobs Hiring Cost tool provides the recruiter to get basic details about their total hiring cost and cost per hire. Employers get to know the actual cost per hire and cost per interview in the market and how much they are saving by registering themselves with Aasaanjobs.

Salient features of the tool.
To calculate recruitment cost per hire which gives the complete recruitment cost control
It comes with an excellent calculation analytics, numerical functions and recruitment cost per hire by source that helps HR professionals to understand the cost per hire as per actual market cost which ultimately helps them to take efficient and effective decisions.
Aasaanjobs recently announced that it has achieved the iconic milestone of five lakh registered candidates in less than two years of existence.

About Aasaanjobs is an online marketplace for entry-level and grey/blue collar jobs. Founded in November 2014, Aasaanjobs is based in Mumbai. It provides a platform for recruiters and job seekers to interact seamlessly. An end-to-end recruitment service in the entry level recruitment and staffing space, Aasaanjobs bridges the gap between employers and job seekers through a two-way matchmaking system on their web portal as well as mobile app. For more details on the various services that Aasaanjobs provides, one can visit their website  (
Company Profile

Aasaanjobs is an online marketplace for entry-level and blue collar jobs. It provides a platform for recruiters and job seekers to interact seamlessly. The company’s advanced, two-way matchmaking algorithm filters through its database to only connect candidates whose profiles and job expectations meet client requirements. This makes the entire process quick, effective and convenient for both job seekers and recruiters.

Founded in November 2014, Aasaanjobs is based out of Mumbai. It has been funded by Aspada, IDG Ventures and Inventus Capital Partners. The team size currently stands at around 150 people. The company’s inception was inspired by the unregulated recruitment market in India as far as entry-level and blue collar jobs go. The team behind Aasaanjobs seeks to leverage India’s rich human resource pool by making recruitment easy for all parties involved. To achieve this, it has initiated the process of creating a digital identity for every job seeker and has launched an exhaustive outreach programme to attract skilled candidates.
Aasaanjobs’ USPis its innovative technology-backed solutions that solve the problem of recruitment in a largely unstructured segment in a number of ways. It offers a multilingual website to reach out to people with diverse backgrounds as well as a WAP website to engage with candidates still using feature phones. It has also created an assessment module for candidates that can be accessed through both mobile and web platforms. It is also equipped with a feature that enables ‘selfie’ interviews via video which increases the speed of the hiring process tremendously. The chat feature provides easy assistance to address client as well as candidate queries. Aasaanjobs has also created a convenient app for various stakeholders in the hiring process; an app each for job seekers, partners (manpower and training agencies) and employers who wish to shortlist candidates efficiently.
For recruiters specifically, Aasaanjobs offers access to a verified database.A one-click feedback mechanism is integrated with a job seeker’s ratings, which enables prospective employers to hire smartly. Recruiters also have several plans to choose from based on their specific requirements, offering a more personalised and flexible hiring experience to them. The offering of temporary staffing services takes care of bulk hiring requirements while saving recruiters from payroll disbursement hassles.

On the supply side, Aasaanjobs is fast becoming the go-to medium through which job seekers in the target segment are able to transform their lives and realise their career aspirations through technology. The Aasaanjobs filters are based on location and salary bracket which help job seekers take the right decision on whether or not to apply for a particular job.

Aasaanjobs was a part of the RISE conference held in Hong Kong in 2015 showcasing top start-ups in Asia. It was also a part of the Global Business Forum held in Goa, attracting entrepreneurs and start-up founders alike.

Adding to its bouquet of services,, introduces a unique hiring feature called ‘The Interview Plan’, sourcing only relevant candidates for employers to interview for any entry-level job profile. With this new feature, the leading recruitment company for entry-level and mid-level jobs in India hopes to mitigate typical hiring concerns such as  sourcing, screening, and scheduling of interviews at this level that plague most of the HR teams of employers, recruiting in the entry/mid level segment.

In the future, Aasaanjobs aims to become an 'HR in Cloud' guiding job seekers through the different stages of an ascending career path and helping them fulfil their skilling needs and get a job. For the recruiters, it envisions becoming the ultimate partner in creating a productive and convenient workplace.