BB Creams vs CC Creams : Whats the Difference

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BB Creams vs CC Creams : Whats the Difference 
India 29 October 2016: We all have seen many brands advertising their beauty products as BB creams and CC creams and kept wondering what they mean. Look no further we are here to clear your doubts.

BB Creams vs CC Creams : Whats the Difference

BB Creams vs CC Creams : Whats the Difference

BB Creams are basically Beauty or blemish Balm Creams which are known to provide a layer of sheer coverage instantly and are most oftenly used as tinted moisturizers. BB creams are said to do the job of moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation. All these benefits in one cream. So BB cream are promoted and advertised as an all-in-one facial beauty product.

CC Creams are color correcting Creams which are used mainly to hide red areas and dark spots or is used to correct uneven skintone.

Difference between BB Creams and CC Creams

Texture: CC Creams are said to have a lighter texture than BB Creams. CC creams also blend better and more effortless in your skin than the BB Creams. CC creams have a lighter, fluffier texture which gives a more natural soft matte look on your face.

Finish : CC Creams give your face a  semi matte finish while BB Creams give a finish which is between matte and dewy.

Pigmentation: CC Creams as the name color correction suggests are specifically targeted toward color correction and hiding of dark spots and red sores, hence they have a better pigmentation than BB Creams.

Target Audience: The younger generation seeking for quick solution for skin problems is the target audience for BB Creams. While a bit older audience who have a problem of redness of skin or uneven complexion are the target audience for CC creams which also provides them with anti ageing benefits.

Hydration & Oil Control: For our skin, CC Creams are more hydrating than BB Creams , while a better oil control is provided by BB creams which acts like a primer.

There are not many major differences in the two as you can see that both the BB creams and CC creams do almost the same thing which is prime, protect, even out the skin tone.

BB Creams vs CC Creams : Whats the Difference

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