Breaking News’s collection of 60 stunning rings set to sparkle this Diwali

India 19 October 2016: Rings have often been a symbolic or aesthetic function in one’s life, always reflecting the wearer’s personality. From wearing them to suit different moods of the day to marking significant occasions in your life, rings have always been an integral part in one’s life. A ring is a timeless ornament and is a favorite because you can wear it anywhere.’s collection of 60 stunning rings set to sparkle this Diwali

This festive season,, India’s leading online jewellery destination, introduces a collection of gorgeous and unique rings. Extending to over 50 intricate designs the collection ranges from simple and timelessly classic rings to trendy gap rings and overt statement pieces created to stand out in a crowd! The design team at has effectively merged historical patterns and global trends to create a collection that is a true mélange of styles, designs and motifs.’s gap rings are elegantly sleek and are a perfect fit for an Indian or corporate get-up. The on-trend two-finger rings have multiple facets to them, from being two toned to being etched with colourful gemstones, making them eye-catching statement pieces. The collection also features rings in various shapes, from squares to pentagons, giving the classic ring an edgy twist. The marquee pieces of the collection are the crown rings designed to look like glamorous tiaras for your fingers and embossed with striking contemporary patterns.