Celebrate the festive season with Diwali blessings from Felink Technology

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New Delhi, October 27, 2016 Felink Technology, a spinoff from Baidu, the giant Chinese web services company, is launching online activities during Diwali. Starting October 26 till October 30, the users of 91 Launcher, 91 Locker, Dorado Genius and In Wallpaper will be able to take part in this online Diwali blessing. This offering will allow users to light candles on the page by clicking on banners within the apps to express best wishes on Diwali along with offering exclusive themes, wallpapers and lock screen templates. The icing on the cake is that users who choose to share their activity with their friends on Facebook and leave emails get a chance to win a free Amazon gift card.
Celebrate the festive season with Diwali blessings from Felink Technology

On the launch of online activities, Felink co-founder and Principal of Overseas Divisions Tom BR Chen said, “We wish to brighten up Diwali for our users with our new wallpapers and themes. Keeping in mind the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the themes, wallpapers and lock screen templates are specially designed to celebrate this festival of lights”

Since its foundation, Felink has successfully launched several products, including desktop landscaping tools:91 Launcher, Dianxin Launcher; system management tools:91 Screen Lock,91 Contacts; life service applications: Almanac Weather,Xiutu, etc. Among all the products, 91 Launcher ranks the first place in the third-party mobile phone desktop industry with a total user number of 300 million. In the year of 2015, Felink expanded its overseas markets, referring to the markets in India, America and Southeast Asia. The release of 91 Launcher, Dorado Genius, Dorado Pixel Phone and Insta Wallpaper helps. Felink fulfill the goal of being a global mobile application platform.

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