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Celebrating Diwali with infants; 5 Things to Remember

India 31 October 2016: Diwali (Deepawali) the festival of lights brings cheers to all and is celebrated across India with utmost fervour and gaiety. It is time to meet and greet people and to enjoy some delicious sweets and other delicacies. It is a perfect time to be with friends and family. But it you are travelling this Diwali and have an infant along with you, do remember a few things

Celebrating Diwali with infants; 5 Things to Remember

1.       Do not disturb infants routine

Extra care and attention is required during festive season for infants. Take extra care that infants’ routine is not disturbed if you are planning to go out for a day or two. Ensure that the food and bed time are maintained so that the baby does not become cranky.

2.       Comfortable clothing

It is very important that you dress your kid in easy and comfortable clothes. You can make them wear traditional attire but ensure that you keep it simple and preferably cotton. According to your travel plan, remember to carry pack of diapers, as you might not get it, if you are in any remote location or away from city.

3.       Carry basic first aid 

Have a small first aid kit handy/in your bag during festive season. First aid kit should contain all necessary ointments, antiseptics, band-aid and most important a good thermometer.

4.       Mosquito repellent & machines 

Carry good herbal mosquito repellents and mat machines, so that you keep the mosquitos under check, while the baby is sleeping.

5.       Ear plugs & pollution mask 

To avoid the loud decibel noise of crackers, music etc during Diwali season plug in ear buds or cotton in the kids’ ears. It is a big task, but put a mask on the infant to prevent the baby from inhaling smoke and polluted air. 

By: - Mahalaxmi K, National HR Manager, Teddyy Baby Buddy Panel