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Cracking JEE becomes much easier now

Cracking JEE becomes much easier now, with the inputs of Mr. Amit Bansal, National Head NCPR, FIITJEE.

New Delhi, 31st October, 2016:
Almost last six months left before the JEE exams and the aspirants are gearing up for the life changing event. Not all the aspirants are fortunate enough to join the premier institutes for JEE preparation. Some are deprived off such facilities, be it any reason. Distance learning program proves to be a boon for them.

In 2016, over 56% of students who qualified JEE advanced were not from any coaching institutes and 87% of them are from middle class families and 50% from rural areas flung from premiere institutes. These astonishing facts about JEE negates the myths as these students had prepared for JEE through Distance Learning Program.

Many aspirants have the same myth – “how is it possible to cover and understand the vast study material supplied by the institute on time? How will I clear my doubts and judge my performance among the Lakhs of JEE applicants?”

Mr Amit Bansal, National Head NCRP, FIIT JEE provides some tips to prepare for JEE through distance learning” Hard work is the answer to solve the problems strategically and methodically. Strengthening the concept is must, so choose the easiest to understand study material. Secondly Discipline is the key to follow the time table. Group study clarifies doubts and students can make self written short notes for long term memorising. Managing the time is important, so relax as much you prepare also.”

Mr Amit Bansal enlightened the students on preparation tips. Getting the relevant and easy to understand study material is the key for preparation. FIIT JEE provides a hybrid system of distance learning which include study material along with online test series, concept based teaching and online doubt clearing sessions as well.

He also emphasised to prepare self written notes in short forms, diagrams and formulaes. This helps in memorising the concept for longer time and easy to brush up while revising. Group study can give a better understanding of the topics and also to judge their current position through online tests.
“Unique online portals and mobile apps are provided with the study material so that the students can evaluate their performance that gives a comparative and progressive analysis which helps them along to plan their preparation accordingly.” Said Mr Bansal

Taking small breaks in between chapters rejuvenates your mind. Staying confident and positive is the key for preparation along with timely relaxation.