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Enjoy Sunday Brunch at SMAAASH Noida

~Every Sunday, have fun’

India 31 October 2016: With charming theme restaurant and VR technology and other games, SMAAASH Noida is a perfect place where you can plan to spend your Sunday now. Enjoy the best games and sumptuous food with your family and friends with just a combo of Rs 999/- at SMAAASH Noida, DLF Mall of India, Noida.

 Enjoy Sunday Brunch at SMAAASH Noida

 Enjoy Sunday Brunch at SMAAASH Noida

The combo includes unlimited Lunch buffet, Virtual Reality Games (any 3), Arcade Games (any 3), 1 Super keeper and 1 Mechanical Bull)

Day- Every Sunday

Time- 12 pm to 4pm

So come and spend your SUNDAY’s with us !

About SMAAASH, Noida: SMAAASH Noida brings to the city a never-seen-before gaming experience with fresh concepts, powerful simulative technology and innovative design. The newly opened 40,000/- sq. ft. center is the next link in the chain of the country’s premier urban sports parks, and boasts of a 360 degree cricket simulator where one can experience first-hand, the exhilaration of facing cricket legends like Dale Steyn, WasimAkram and of course the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Football fans can experience the drama, excitement and emotions of a penalty shootout at Super Keeper. One can also fulfill the need for speed and feel G-forces by trying X2-Racing, or go bowling in the romantic UV-lit Twilight Bowling, or just enjoy friendly competition at the arcade games. At SMAAASH Noida, one can also immerse oneself into virtual reality technology that is so close to reality that it completely absorbs one’s senses. A mix of motion & positional tracking, virtual reality high definition Head Mounted Displays (HMD), along with the state of the art graphics engine that renders in real time, adds the high definition thrill to adventure gaming. Games like Walk the Plank, Finger Coaster, Fly Max, Magic Carpet and many more provide for a completely immersive experience and transfer you to a world beyond your wildest imagination. We have also introduced the Laser Maze here, where within a time limit, you have to try and move across a room avoiding laser beams.