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Free Comprehensive Tour Guide Training Programme

India 11 October 2016: The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka in association with “Garden City College”, Bengaluru would conduct a FREE COMPREHENSIVE TOUR GUIDE TRAINING PROGRAMME in the Month of November 2016.

Any Individual with a 12th standard pass qualification is eligible to apply for the course. Upon successful completion of the course, the Govt. of Karnataka would issue a “Tourist Guide License”, Valid for 3 Years.

The Course is certified by the Govt. of Karnataka in association with Garden City College.
Duration = 3 Months; Stipend = Rs. 1000 (Upon Successful Completion of the Course); Venue = Garden City College Campus.

Garden City College extends its invitation to all those aspirant who wish to be a part of this Tour Guide Programme which is FREE OF COST.
For more details, Contact in the following number – 92437-50059, 92437-50017.


This highly job oriented course has provided ample job opportunity to candidates who have completed it successfully since most travel agencies/tour operators are keen on employing government approved guides. The scope of the programme encompasses all sections of the society and comes with a wide age ranging between 21 – 45 years.

With the increase in the inflow of Foreign Tourist Arrivals in the country, the government has taken various steps to upgrade tourist experiences. This includes initiatives like Tourist Mitra, major cleanliness projects, Swadesh Darshan, etc. Brand Incredible India uses the punchline“Atithi Devo Bhawah”laying the code of conduct to those who are catering to the needs of the tourists. Gone are the days when the only tourist spots known to the world were the World Tourism Sites. Today the country is keener on showcasing its culture, heritage, festivals and other forms of tourism such as medical & spiritual Tourism, adventure tourism, rural tourism, Coastal Tourism, etc.

The Karnataka Tourism Vision Group envisages the creation of another 4.3 million jobs by the year 2024. Going with the present trend in the increase of tourist arrivals, the state will be hosting around 210 million tourist in less than a decade compared to the current volume of 100 million tourists. As such, the infrastructure has to match the need. Courses like Guide Training Programme are the stepping stone towards a concrete future for the growth of Tourism in the state.