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Have a Delectable Diwali with Gits

Add a personal touch of sweetness this Diwali

Mumbai 18th October, 2016: Diwali the festival of Lights is celebrated across the India. It gets a distinct regional touch in different parts of the country which illumines the country with its brilliance. Worshippers of goddess Lakshmi decorate their homes with diyas and flowers; it’s not just about dressing up and bursting firecrackers but it’s the time for family get togethers, parties and distribution of sweets among friends & family. As no celebration is complete without a touch of sweet. Desserts are the highlight of every Indian festival as they add much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit.

Due to the busy schedule during festival one juggles between festive decoration and other preparations and often tends to purchase mithai from the store rather than cooking at home. However, the flavor of a home cooked dessert can never be compared to that which is bought from your neighborhood mithai shop. The festival is incomplete without loads of sweets; so celebrate this occasion the traditional way with the help of Gits dessert mixes, such as Gulab Jamun, Rabdi and Jilebi which can be made in 3 easy steps. Gits dessert mixes provides a faster and delicious way of preparing desserts while also retaining the authentic taste and flavor.

This Diwali give a miss to the readymade mithai and prepare some desserts along with your family because it’s all about spending time together and bonding. Preparing desserts will be more fun with Gits as the products do not have any added preservatives and will surely add that extra touch of goodness to your desserts. Additionally, you can also give a unique spin to these dessert mixes by trying out innovative recipes. This Diwali add a personal touch of sweetness.

You can now order your favourite Gits Instant Mixes, Ready Meals & Dairy products from your Smartphone or computer and the same will be seamlessly delivered to you anywhere in India. All you need to do is log on to to access over 80 SKUs. The new website also hosts a recipe video channel Gits-Set-Go which has celebrity chefs such as MasterChef India winner Pankaj Bhadouria curating innovative recipes with Gits mixes

Have a Delectable Diwali with Gits

Gits  Gulab-Jamun-LS
 Gits  Gulab-Jamun

Gits Jilebi
 Gits Jilebi

Gits Rabdi-LS
 Gits Rabdi-

Pricing for products
Product    Price (in Rupees)    Quantity (in Grams)  
Special offer
Gulab Jamun    Rs.43 /80 /180    100 / 200/ 500 Gms    100 Gms Gulab Jamun free on 200 Gms
Jilebi    Rs.40    135 Gms  
Rabdi    Rs.65    100 Gms