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MY FM launches Adhbut Ramayan this Navratri

~Adhbut Ramayan by Devdutt Patnaik~

18 October, Delhi: MY FM, radio division of Dainik Bhaskar group, brings to you a one of its kind show this Navratri “Adhbut Ramayan” by Devdutt Pattnaik, from 1st to 11th October across all its markets. This show will present untold stories & make the listeners time travel to Kathas and Lok-kathas told over centuries, passed over generations.

MY FM launches Adhbut Ramayan this Navratri

Commenting on the new show, Mr. Harrish Bhatia, CEO, said, “We are committed to provide quality & innovative content to our listeners. The concept of Adhbut Ramayan based on Devdutt Pattanaik’s book deals with unique stories of Ramayan. Like, did you know that Ram had a sister too. Or did you know that for Ashwamedha Yagya, Ram had invited Ravan as a brahmin to do the pooja which Ravan did conduct. The show will present stories which truly make Ramayan – Adhbut. These lesser known stories from the mythology will enlighten the listeners, creating a wave of curiosity and the make the experience enjoyable.”

Devdutt Patnaik is a well known mythologist & author of over 30 books. Some of his popular books include – Devlok with Devdutt Patnaik, Sita an illustrated retelling of Ramayan, The Girl who chose (Ramayan from Sita’s perspective), The Book of Ram (Ram in various roles), published by Penguin Random House Company. He also does a mythology based show on TV.

Talking about the new show, Viplove Gupte, Chief Programming Officer, said, “Since our birth, all our lives, we have been taught Ramayan which comes from two sources. One Valmiki’s Ramayan which is a true account of incidents that happened in Ramayan, in chronological order and then there is a book by Goswami Tulsidas which is Ram Charit Manas, which focuses only Lord Ram and his virtues which gave him the stature that he enjoys today. Yet, there are stories, incidents and people from the same Ramayan who are unknown to a lot of us. To put the epic Ramayan in a completely new perspective and make it more easy to understand for the current generation, we thought of doing this idea – Adhbut Ramayan. 

The idea of roping in Devdutt came almost automatically because not only he is a published author and has written books on various facets of Ramayan, he is an eloquent speaker about such subjects and now considered an authority on religious and spiritual texts of yesteryears. His unique knowledge and witty presentation is what our listeners will enjoy along with unknown stories of Ramayan.”

About My FM: A pioneering brand in the radio space, MY FM is the radio business of DB Corp Ltd. Launched in 2006, MY FM took a bottom-up approach and set up its network across 20 Tier II & III cities across 7 states, building on the strong local understanding that Bhaskar Group had in these markets. True to its brand name which signifies the emotional ownership and personalized approach of the station, MY FM has successfully established a network of 20 highly localized stations focusing on individual market preferences. Constantly evolving and innovating its offerings, MY FM draws a keen focus on its brand philosophy of 'Jiyo Dil Se', forging an emotional connect with its listeners while continually creating offerings to suit local tastes. 

Capitalizing on the strengths of the medium, MY FM has become India's leading Local FM Network backed by in-depth market understating and high listenership.