'Mission Clean Chembur' students’ initiative towards Swachh Bharat campaign

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Mumbai, 2016 October 13: The CSR cell of Vivekanand Institute of Management Studies and Research (VESIM) has conducted various activities of 'Mission Clean Chembur' as part of the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan campaign today in various areas of Chembur.  More than 200 students and 20 faculty members took part in the various activities supporting the students’ different locations in Chembur.

'Mission Clean Chembur' students’ initiative towards Swachh Bharat campaign

'Mission Clean Chembur' students’ initiative towards Swachh Bharat campaign

'Mission Clean Chembur' students’ initiative towards Swachh Bharat campaign

The areas covered were: National Sarvodaya Road, Inlaks Hospital, Vivekanand School Gate, Poonam Petrol Pump, Vivekanand School Gate, Lal Dongar Entry (Chaggan Meetha petrol pump), HAMC 2 Gate, Bhatt Vishranti Gruha, and VESIM Campus Gate.

The students and the faculty team conducted cleaning, collecting garbage and disposing them at bins. They also undertook door-to-door campaigns creating awareness on the need to maintain hygienic practices and the adverse effects of the lack of proper cleanliness and maintenance of proper hygiene.
VESIM director Dr Satish Modh said: “It is our endeavor to connect our students with the society in a very meaningful and constructive way. Events like this help the student community imbibe qualities that are essential to contribute to the society in a constructive manner. I am sure we will conduct more such events in the days to come which will go a long way in instilling a sense of responsibility among the younger generation.”

Shreya Bharatiya, CSR Head, and Counselling Psychologists at VESIM, said: “Swachh Bharat being an ambitious programme by our government, it is of paramount importance for us to spread the message in our own way. And at VESIM we have always been at the forefront of taking up social activities which will send out a positive message to the society at large. With today’s programme we have been able to create a great level of awareness among the communities in Chembur on Swachh Bharat.”

One of the student, Bhoomi, who took part in the campaign, said: “The experience was overwhelming. The location was bhaji market and one of the shopkeeper offered us cold drinks when he noticed us cleaning the streets. Staff members and group representatives were very supportive and helpful.”

Jill, another student, said: “The csr took a really good initiative and got all of us working on it!! There was a weird feeling at the beginning to clean the dirt but our teachers explained us that cleanliness should begin from home and our country is our home!! Clean India green India.”

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