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Moksh Agarbatti launches 3 new brands – Moksh Gold, Panch Pandav and Gold Amber

ü  Aims to spur the growth with a wider brand portfolio

India 21 October 2016: Moksh Agarbatti manufacturers of Swarna Champa , launched 3 new brands – Moksh Gold, Panch Pandav and Gold Amber. This is a significant move  by Moksh  to strengthen its brand portfolio and expand its foot print across important markets.

Moksh Agarbatti launches 3 new brands – Moksh Gold, Panch Pandav and Gold Amber

Bangalore Moksh Gold, ultra-premium incense sticks is essentially a century old blend for today’s trend. The blend is crafted out of aromatic roots, herbs, raisins, sandalwood and natural essential oils.

These  premium  incense sticks   are carefully blended & crafted  for prayer & simple pleasure.

Panch Pandav Incense sticks is a collection  of 5 wonderful natural fragrances in one pack. The 5 fragrances  are Champa, Sandal, Jasmine, lavender and Rose incense sticks.  With Panch pandav You don’t need to buy each of these incense sticks separately as all the 5 wonder full fragrance are in one pack.

Amber Gold   The amber fragrance in the incense sticks gives a warm, musky, rich and honey like experience.  Amber was used as healing agent in folk medicine.

Commenting on the launch of the new range of brands, Anand Kumar Ashiya, promoter of MokshAgarbatti said, “With this launch we wanted to cater the prayer & simple pleasure segments with unique fragrances & penetrate new markets”

Moksh Agarbatti co is ISO9001-2008 certified company. With over 35 different products, which is  patented and trademark registered, Moksh has a vision to be available in  every household in India by the year 2020. Apart from the flagship Swarna Champa it has introduced many brands with unique fragrances like Chandan, Lavender,Gulab ,Akash Phool , Night Queen, Mogra, Kewda and Parijaat to mention a few.

Founded in 1996 by Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Mr. Anand Kumar Ashiya as a partnership firm, MokshAgarbatti has crossed a milestone of Rs 100 crore revenue three years back and is cruising towards Rs 200 crore mark.

From being a team of 20 workers manufacturing 2.5 lakh Agarbatti a day, to the current  workforce 600 personnel manufacturing 1.5 crore Agarbatti per day, Moksh Agarbatti has come a long way since its inception.