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NCPA announces ‘Euphony’ and ‘The Yellow Diary’ as winners of their Band Baja Contest 2016

Euphony and The Yellow Diary to perform at the NCPA Experimental Theatre on 7th October 2016. Entry to this concert is free.

NCPA to create a video recording of the performance at NCPA

NCPA will facilitate an opportunity for both winning bands to meet and interact with performing artists of OWMM festival – Shantanu Moitra, Ani Choying, Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Purbayan and  Ashwin Srinivasan
NCPA announces ‘Euphony’ and ‘The Yellow Diary’ as winners of their Band Baja Contest 2016

India 3 October 2016: National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) recently concluded their‘Band Baja Contest’ a platform encouraging young aspiring contemporary bands to come forward and showcase their talent. In its 4th year now, the contest received an overwhelming number of contest entries from across the nation.The bands Euphony and The Yellow Diary, both from Mumbai have emerged as winners of the contest on the strength of their musicality.

“The Band Baja Contest was created with an intention to encourage young talent and their creativity in the alternate/contemporary genre. We are immensely proud that aspiring bands are coming forward and offering fresh music with breath-taking enthusiasm. We hope through Band Baja more bands are encouraged to come forward and showcase and grow their talent,” said Dr. Suvarnalata Rao, Head – Programming (Indian Music), NCPA.

The Yellow Diary’s music is an ode to the various experiences one goes through in this mysterious and unpredictable roller coaster called life.According to The Yellow Diary, “It's every musician's dream to play at NCPA. Seeing it come true at an early phase of the band's formation is an indescribably awesome feeling. We're honoured to be the winners of the Band Baja contest. We look forward to putting up a great show on 7th October.”

The Yellow Diary stood out owing to their unique, fresh and entertaining music while Euphony, led through the competition with their beat boxing and vocal unanimity. According to Euphony, “It was not so long ago when our journey began. For most of us, we entered Band Baja contest with nothing more than a dream and today winning the competition is a dream come true. It’s an honor and joy to be performing at the NCPA Mumbai. We are super stoked about the show on the 7th of October. We promise to turn up the vibe and unleash the fun quotient and let the energies flow.”

The winning bands will be given the coveted opportunity to perform at the NCPA Experimental Theatre along with a video recording of their performance at NCPA (a single edited track of their choice). A complimentary ticket will be given to each member of the winning bands for the One World Many Musics Festival along with the opportunity to meet and greet with the performing artists at the festival-Shantanu Moitra,Ani Choying,KaushikiChakrabarty, Purbayan (sitarist) and  Ashwin Srinivasan (flute).

The Band Baja Contest Winners’ Performance would take place at the Experimental Theatre on 7th October 2016 at 7 PM. The entry to the concert is free. Saavn is the exclusive streaming partner for the event.

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NCPA announces ‘Euphony’ and ‘The Yellow Diary’ as winners of their Band Baja Contest 2016

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About the NCPA:

Opening its doors to the world in 1969, the NCPA became the first multi-venue and multi-purpose cultural centre to be built in South Asia. Vibrant and diverse, the NCPA today is recognized by artistes, patrons and media alike as India’s premier performing arts institution. The Centre provides a fine showcase for India’s rich performing arts traditions, all thanks to the institution’s training and research initiatives.
The NCPA presents over 600 events each year across all major art forms, most notably Indian Music, International Music, Theatre and Film, Dance, and Literature, Visual Arts and Photography. There are Heads of Programming  for  each  of  these  art  forms  who  curate  innovative  events  and  festivals;  representative  of everything from classical to contemporary throughout the year. The NCPA produces its own programmes as well as collaborates with leading cultural promoters from around the world. NCPA is the only member organisation of the International Music Council (IMC) from India.