Revolutionary ‘Ice Beds’ in Bengaluru now

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India 20 October 2016: Air beds and water beds are now passé. Now it is ‘Ice beds’.  The latest technology of  ‘Ice beds’ is  being showcased for the first time ever at the Furniture and Mattresses Exhibition from October 21 to 24 at the Manpho Convention Centre, next to Manyata tech park in Nagawara.

Revolutionary ‘Ice Beds’ in Bengaluru now

Revolutionary ‘Ice Beds’ in Bengaluru now

Revolutionary ‘Ice Beds’ in Bengaluru now

What is cool about the ‘Ice beds’? Everything, says Jawahar Raj who has brought this technology to Bengaluru. Called ‘Flo Temp ice mattresses and Flo Temp ice pillows’, they not only offer a whole new sleeping experience, but also has several health benefits.

Twin benefits

The Flo Temp mattresses and pillows offer enhanced sleep experience by keeping the bed ‘cool’ during summer and ‘warm’ in winters, both in a highly soothing way. The other major benefit is it helps people avoid getting backaches, bed sores and other body ache as the mattress is designed to adjust to the body shape.

The technology has been inspired by work at NASA which created temperature sensitive foam material to prevent injuries to astronauts during their trips to outer space. The ‘Flo Temp ice mattresses and pillows’ are efforts of an R&D team in polyurethane foam technology. It has a brand new temperature sensitive formulation with the breakthrough ice cooling technology which meets all the requirements of a good mattress. The breathable foam cell structure and the convective cooling associated with open cell foam allows for moisture transfer and the natural ability of the body to release heat through perspiration. It helps prevent heat build-up in the mattress.

The Flo temp mattress cools down faster due to its higher breathability which allows heat to dissipate through its real open cell structure and the ice phase change material (PCM) technology.  When your body heat reaches the Flo Temp surface, it becomes softer in the right areas and effectively moulds to the ‘S shape’ of your body. It helps to evenly distribute pressure over the whole body, while keeping support where you need. There is no harsh bounce back for greater comfort. The Flo temp mattress, ladies and gentlemen, is HERE.

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