SMAAASH hosts the ‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’ to mark the festival season

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Hyderabad: 20th October, 2016: To usher in the spirit of the upcoming festival season an elaborate cake mixing ceremony was organized at Mighty Small at SMAAASH- World Class Sports and Entertainment Arena in Inorbit Mall Hyderabad.

SMAAASH hosts the ‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’ to mark the festival season

SMAAASH hosts the ‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’ to mark the festival season

SMAAASH hosts the ‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’ to mark the festival season

The event was beautifully arranged complete with amazing décor and Christmas carols playing in the background. A large vessel was setup with candied ginger strips lining the bottom along with huge trays filled with fruits was arranged.

The jolly atmosphere was enhanced with Mr. Ravi Patel, General Manager Smaaash Entertainments along with the Executive Chef – Mr. Sarath Gali welcomed the guests and ushered them to the mixing table.  The event was also attended by the popular TV actors from the serial “Amma Na Kodala” along with tollywood actor Giri Babu and his family.  All guests participated with enthusiasm as they wore gloves, aprons and chef hats and joined the chef in mixing fruits & nuts including raisins, black currants, prunes, glazed dates, red cherries and candid orange and lemon rind cashews, almond flakes, aside from spices such as ground cinnamon were poured into a huge cauldron.

The highlight of the event was wine soaking with guests pouring in generous quantities of wine, rum and whiskey, fresh juices, honey and lime in the vessel. The mixture was tossed and patted till all the fruits and nuts were evenly coated. After the traditional cake mixing ceremony, the mixture was put into airtight containers and left to mature until around Christmas, when it will be blended with the cake batter and baked.

Over the years, “cake mixing” has become something of a ritual and is an occasion one looks forward to. This year the festive celebration at Smaaash, Hyderabad is sure to create everlasting memories.

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