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Sparkle with Sula’s Brut Tropicale Magnum – The perfect companion this Diwali!

Bangalore, October 25, 2016: With the festive season in full swing, we are always stumped while choosing the most unique gift for our friends and family. So here’s something extra special launched just in time for Diwali  (Deepawali) that will for sure stand out! Sula Vineyards launches the ultimate Diwali bottle to surprise your loved ones and make this Diwali (Deepawali) more special, thoughtful and celebratory!

The Brut Tropicale Magnum is a 1.5 litre beauty and is Sula’s first Blanc de Noirs, the Brut Tropicale is a white Méthode Champenoise aka. Traditionelle - sparkling wine made from premium black grapes including Pinot Noir and it is made using the traditional champagne method making it an elegant, light and crisp fruity wine which is smooth on the palate. It’s pale-coral bubbly bursts of passion fruit, biscuits and peach makes this one of the finest wines from the house of Sula.
Speaking on the occasion, Cecilia Oldne, Vice President – Marketing and Global Brand Ambassador said, “What better time of the year to add sparkle to the celebrations! We’re really excited to be launching our Brut Tropicale Magnum. While a 750 ml bottle might get things started – a Magnum will make it happen!”

Sparkle with Sula’s Brut Tropicale Magnum – The   perfect companion this Diwali!

Sparkle with Sula’s Brut Tropicale Magnum – The   perfect companion this Diwali!

But there’s more! Not only is the Brut Tropicale Magnum an exclusive wine to gift and of course to drink but its exquisite packaging also makes it even more of a perfect gift choice! The bottle is dynamic, colorful and vibrant that stands for the symbol of life and eternity. Covered in paisley in riotous tropical colours, an auspicious motif for special occasions in India for centuries.
And hey, once the bubbly has been popped and the wine is over, one can choose to get creative with this beauty, making it an interesting part of your home décor! So here are five uber-cool DIY ideas to use the lavish Brut Tropicale Magnum bottle:

1)      Wind chimes


Wind chimes


Use some colorful charms and strings to make a vivid wind chime.

2)      Flower vase


Flower vase


Make some brilliant use of the bottle. All you need are bottles, a little water, and a few flowers.

3)      Citronella Candles


Citronella Candles


Keep the bugs away while you relax outdoors with these bombastic insect repellents.

4)      Bedside lamp

Bedside lamp


Make your own side-table lamp using an upcycled wine bottle.

5)      Candle holders


Candle holders

Decorate your house with gorgeous candle holders.

What a great way to recycle right? Not only does it not let your purchase go to waste, but also makes your Diwali (Deepawali) decorations look fancy! So celebrate this Diwali (Deepawali) with Sula’s Brut Tropicale Magnum!
Priced at ₹ 2475/-