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Supreme Legislation Committee successfully concludes ‘The Legislative Process in Dubai: Principles and Practices’ training

20 legal experts from 20 government entities participate in the program

UAE, October 8, 2016 - The Supreme Legislation Committee (SLC), the government entity responsible for issuing and reviewing legislations in Dubai, has successfully concluded the first session of its training program themed ‘The Legislative Process in Dubai: Principles and Practices’. The training is dedicated for legal experts who work in government entities in Dubai responsible in formulating legislations. The Committee has focused to train in the current session 20 legal experts from 20 government entities in Dubai as part of its efforts to establish the legislation process concept for these entities and to be able to understand the creation of Dubai’s policies and strategies.

Supreme Legislation Committee successfully concludes ‘The Legislative Process in Dubai: Principles and Practices’ training

The program was organized in coordination with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government. It covers various subjects related with the drafting of legislations in Dubai, the preparation procedures and practical process in drafting legislations, including understanding the historical methods in legislation and the principles behind its terminologies. The training program focuses on the planning and implementation of an integrated platform that will help government entities in creating legislations in Dubai. By establishing a unified standard following the principles and general rules in the formulation of an efficient legislation, the program can help achieve the emirate’s goals of having legislations that are consistent with Dubai’s policies and strategies.

H.E. Ahmed bin Meshar, Secretary General of the SLC, said: “We are working to develop an efficient legislation process and raise the legal experts’ ability by organizing programs where they can learn the best practices in the legislations industry. We have formulated ‘The Legislative Process in Dubai: Principles and Practices’ to provide legal experts who are working in government entities in Dubai with the technical and appropriate methods to prepare and formulate legislations that are aligned with Dubai’s policies and strategies and strengthen collaboration among all government entities. This is in line with our efforts to develop the legislation process in Dubai. The subjects which are fundamental to promote the legislation work in government entities in Dubai have been discussed, including communicating with the responsible legal experts in developing a legislation.”

H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Saba, CEO of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, commented: “We are happy with our collaboration efforts with SLC in organizing legal programs, seminars, lectures and workshops especially those that are related to the development of a legislation process in Dubai. This is in line with our efforts to further advance the legislation and legal work in government entities in Dubai to keep pace with the global developments in this sector. Such initiatives have a huge impact in government activities and their outcomes. The positive results of such initiatives can be visible in the achievement of the UAE Government’s vision for the country’s sustainable development.”

 Participants in the programs have learned new professional skills and were satisfied with the overall results of the program as well as the topics discussed during the training sessions, apart from the subjects that directly concern their tasks in terms of the legalization process.

Various topics tackled during the program include legislation requirements in Dubai; technical backgrounds in formulating legislations in Dubai in both theoretical and practical framework. Legal consultant Mohammed Al Atewi, Head of the Technical Office of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee, explained concept behind legislation, its importance and how it is related with the government’s strategies. Forming a legislation include identifying the elements, parts and types and how to build a legislative draft.

Dr. Yahya Adwan, a legal consultant has presented the ‘Legislation Preparation Procedures’ where he described the procedures of issuing local legislations including how it should be presented. He also discussed the drafts in federal legislations and the unified work models. The terminologies in creating legislations were provided by Mr. Salim Al Ahmed, Head of Research and Publications Department, SLC where he focused in the language use and dictation standards in drafting the correct legislation and noted on the most common errors in drafting laws and bills through practical examples. He highlighted that the most important vocabularies should be used when drafting a legislation. The session concluded with practical applications in the preparation of legislations presented by the attendees and reviewed by the lecturers.

Organizing this program falls in line with SLC’s strategic goals through coordination with other the government entities. The training was held in collaboration with Mohammed bin Rashid School for Government as a strategic partner to develop the legislation process in Dubai; and work together towards establishing legislation and role of a legal framework in the general performance of government entities in Dubai.