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Telecommunications Regulatory Authority launches ‘Single Sign-On’ initiative

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority launches ‘Single Sign-On’ initiative

Application enables customers to access various government services using safe single entry point

UAE, October 9, 2016 - The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has recently launched the first phase of SmartPass service through the initiative ‘Single Sign-On,’ which aims to enable Emiratis, residents and business entities to use unified data once doing the government transactions online using a single access point. SmartPass, which provides each person with unified identity numbers, can be used to facilitate the electronical transactions through all government federal and local portals, and reach easily and safely for all services provided.

The SmartPass service will save time and efforts for government entities especially through identifying the customers and recognizing the transaction owner in a smart way—this allows to recover civilian data and information, minus the need to ask for it every time; reducing the cases of forgetting the passwords and username for each website as the customer can access one time using one account through his email address or mobile number to serve the customer’s needs of getting the service with no need to keep moving between websites and windows. It serves the government orientation to establish a unified platform (one-stop-shop) and provide all government services according to the wise leadership directives to adopt high digital safety and security standards.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General, TRA, said: “The Telecommunications Regulatory Agency continues to implement the UAE’s transition to smart services and expand its benefits for our customers. Establishing the foundation of e-government at the federal level and promoting an electronic lifestyle in the UAE are two of the TRA’s major strategic goals to achieve real transformation, which we hope will be experienced by everyone in the country – be they individuals or members of the government or private sectors.”

“Single-Sign-On initiative is one of the 22 initiatives of the smart government, where our highest goal is achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Our aim for the next phase is connecting the smart services on local and federal basis, and provide unified portal for the customer where ever he is, as the customer look inti us as one country, and integrated work environment” Al Mansoori added

“TRA will launch a set of new initiatives that falls in line with the transition to smart government under TRA’s current strategic plan in accordance with the smart transformation requirements to facilitate government services and ensure customers’ happiness all throughout their engagement with the government. The UAE has strived to be one of the most advanced countries in terms of transforming to smart government around the world,” he concluded.

The service will initially enable customers to transact with four government agencies, namely the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, TRA, Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, Emirates Post Group. All the remaining 42 federal entities will be connected to the application within one year after the launch. Customers can modify their input data via the service, which will be automatically reflected in all other government entities linked to the app.

The government entities which are soon to be connected to SmartPass are Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Emirates Identity Authority, FEWA, Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, Ministry of Infrastructure Development.


Users can access the application in Arabic or English by registering their information through service kiosks (SmartPass Devices) distributed in shopping malls and petrol stations. The system will ask users to enter their Emirates ID cards in the device and reset their password, which will be sent by SMS to their mobile numbers, in addition to fingerprint verification.  Afterwards, customers can register their information and start their Single Sign-On session.

The registration and using the service is personal, it provides federal authentication and connect with Single-Sign-On existing systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition of connecting with services providers in the government entities, as well as facilitate providing the service through various channels such as browsing systems, mobiles, and smart recorders.

The application provides four service options when signing in for the first time, depending on customer requirements and desired level of privacy. Authentication can be done through username and password for regular services, which can be accessed in the office, home or through any device connected to the internet. Services that are more private require username and password as well as a PIN number that the user will receive through email or mobile phone. Some other services may require entering Emirates ID through SmartPass devices while others would need a personal fingerprint and Emirates ID according to the service terms of the concerned government entity to further protect the customer’s information.

Emiratis and UAE residents will benefit from this application as it does away with personal visits to government offices and allows multiple transactions with various government entities through a single sign-on. There will be 300 kiosks (SmartPass Devices) by end of 2016 planned to be distributed in shopping malls and available at any time, which the TRA plans to eventually increase up to 900 to help customers access services safely and easily.

For government entities, the service will provide them with reliable customer data and allow them to confidently provide their services as detailed information are authenticated by the provided ID.

The TRA also plans to launch the app for visitors who do not have Emirates IDs who can transact through their mobile numbers and be able to access services in entertainment and shopping centers, as well as in other initiatives and services that will increase their comfort and happiness while in the country.

TRA calls on all citizens and visitors to register for the new SmartPass service in order to benefit from its useful features.