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Tinytapps introduces the Wee - Preschool learning system’

Mumbai, 26th October 2016:
Tinytapps software an early education brand held a cognitive development workshop for the preschool kids at MIT Gurukul, Pune.  The event was conducted in the school premise introduced preschool kids in their early learning years to use the digital activities in their newly launched Wee Tablet.

Tinytapps introduces the Wee - Preschool learning system’

Tinytapps introduces the Wee - Preschool learning system’

The event was hosted by the school and supported by Tinytapps software in the presence of pre-primary lead Mrs. Dimple Juneja, Child psychologist, Dr Wricha Mishra and Head of UI/UX design Professor Dhar from MIT University. 

Talking about the successful launch of the Wee Tablet, Altaf Rehmani, Founder Tinytapps software said, “Involving the child into learning without making it a burden is the key to generate long lasting interest in lifelong learning. We cannot continue with rote methods of learning, it needs to be engaging, activity based so that children experience fun learning”.

The user experience design department at MIT Institute of Design envisages creating assistive technologies that supports human endeavors. In this direction the existing product developed plays a major role in supporting cognitive dissonance of kids and aiding them with cues for better comprehension of learning content, said Dr. Dhar, Head of UI/UX design and Dr. Wricha Mishra, Child psychologist post the successful completion of the workshop.

If India has to become the innovation capital of the world in the next decade, companies have to take advantage of the knowledge economy and vast human capital. Educators would have to get together with Government, Corporates and NGO’s to make early learning reach its maximum potential by various structured initiatives led by state government. Parents would need to have a heightened sense of awareness and desire to educate their children and create a love for learning in early childhood.

Enabling efficient learning by kids using the right tools is an excellent way of keeping up with the modern trends in technology and its benefit to education. Our learning system comes with 1000+ pre-bundled activities, eye exercises, timer controls, parental reports and a host of other features says, Sunil Patil, Chief Marketing Officer, Tinytapps.

The WEE Tablet is dedicated to promote children’s early education. Its mission is to generate curiosity, foster skills development and promote constructive thinking among young children.

The kids from all the three age groups – kindergarten, junior KG and senior KG participated in the workshop while they experienced the content on the WEE Tablet along with the actual worksheets given to them. It was very exciting for them and engaging enough to have their daily learning content presented digitally. About 80% of the kids already use their parent’s phones or tabs in the house, which means that having an independent tool for them is a must and adds value in their brain development in the most crucial years.

It was very interesting to see the way kids reacted using the WEE Tablet. The satisfaction of seeing them smiling certainly proved that we are heading in the right direction. Getting feedback in real time is as necessary as we breathe, since the success of the product is purely dependent on the end users acceptance – says Jignesh Jain, Product Manager, Tinytapps software.

About Tinytapps

Tinytapps software, a Pune based company has been doing some pioneering work on bringing together a comprehensive syllabus of all topics preschoolers need to learn by creating a learning system with over 1000+ digital activities available both as a software only and a tablet version. The company would like to use technology to make learning fun and also accessible to millions of kids worldwide who do not have access to preschool resources.

Tinytapps is accelerated by EduGild led by Rishi Kapal and also part of the Nasscom 10K warehouse program. It has also partnered with Sachin Torne of Tata Class Edge and is additionally mentored by Rahul Kulkarni from their Nasscom association.