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Venture Catalysts organises 1st Pitch Day in Raipur to nurture entrepreneurship & burgeoning startup ecosystem in the Tier 2 Indian cities

Marks the occasion with an investor pitch day to give entrepreneurs and investors a chance to interact

Mumbai, October 21, 2016: In a game-changing development for Chhattisgarh’s entrepreneurial landscape, Venture Catalysts, India’s first seed investment and innovation platform, organised its first Pitch Day in Raipur. Held at Hotel Babylon International, Raipur, on October 16, the event witnessed more than 100 investors interacting with five start-ups, handpicked for their innovative approach to business challenges.

Venture Catalysts organises 1st Pitch Day in Raipur to nurture entrepreneurship & burgeoning startup ecosystem in the Tier 2 Indian cities

Having already organised such events in Surat and Delhi/NCR, the latest session underlines VCats’ commitment to nurture entrepreneurship across the country by creating a high-quality, end-to-end support and investment ecosystem. The occasion will extend VCats’ proprietary start-up enablement platform and assist upcoming ventures with investment, business networking, co-working, mentoring and technological expertise, thereby giving entrepreneurship in the region a big boost.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Co-founder, Venture Catalysts, said, “We, at VCats, have always believed that great ideas and innovations are not restricted to a particular geography. This is why we are dedicated towards creating a holistic, end-to-end start-up support ecosystem across the country. Our presence in  Raipur will not only provide the region’s investors and entrepreneurs access to our proprietary services, but will also ensure greater growth for the Indian entrepreneurial community. We will be looking to venture into more cities in the near future in order to facilitate greater opportunities for mentoring, funds and networking for start-ups.”

Anuj Golecha, Co-founder, Venture Catalysts, added, “Entrepreneurship in India currently stands at an inflexion point. There is a need for greater involvement from all sections across geographies to ensure sustained growth for the country’s start-ups. We, at VCats, have been enabling start-up solutions such as investment, mentoring, business networking, co-working facilities and technological solutions through strategic partnerships with leading global and national players such as Plug and Play, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing and Microsoft Biz Spark. We are confident that our foray into Chhattisgarh will give promising start-ups from the region all the resources that they need to grow and achieve success.

Akshay Bardia, Director, AT Group, also VCats Managing Partner from Raipur, added, “Not only has Venture Catalysts been enabling investments into high-potential businesses across the country, it has also been equipping them with the tools they will require to establish themselves on a national and global scale. Its entry into Raipur is a massive opportunity for start-ups operating in the city, who stand a chance to benefit from its diverse start-up support services.”
Having enabled over 11 investments worth more than $2.5 million in 9 months of its operations, VCats is now looking to take forward its impressive performance by expanding into more geographies and create a country-wide network of start-ups, investors, enablers and growth facilitators. The platform will also be aiming to enable financial and business-related assistance into at least 30 start-ups within the first year of its operations.

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