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Benefits and uses of Castor Oil (Arandi) for hair

Benefits and uses of Castor Oil (Arandi)  for hair

Benefits and uses of Castor Oil (Arandi)  for hair

Benefits for Hair            

Some may not like the smell and the solid structure of this oil. If you are also the one among them, then combine castor oil with other oils such as coconut, almond, etc. The major benefits of using castor oil for hair are

1. Castor Oil (Arandi)  Treats Alopecia

Alopecia can be defined as the hair loss in people which can lead to baldness. Mostly it is seen in men, but women also experience this when they get older. Castor oil application on hair helps to decrease the hair thinning and controls hair fall.

2.  Castor Oil (Arandi)  Thickens hair

Castor oil for ages has been used as an excellent remedy for promoting hair growth. Castor oil nearly 90% of the oil contains ricinoleic acid which is combined with omega fatty acids.  It promotes the blood circulation in the scalp. Both men and women can use this oil for good and shiny hair.  It improves the hair follicle and strengthens the hair roots. It makes hair stronger and thicker.

3. Castor Oil (Arandi) Treats Dandruff

The most common problem found in one among five people is dandruff. Castor oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to fight against dandruff and helps in maintaining the pH balance. The dry or itchy scalp can be treated well using this oil.

4. Castor Oil (Arandi)  Conditions the hair

Castor oil penetrates the hair’s outer layer which fills the damaged spots of keratin. The lubricating and waxing properties are present in this oil which repairs the damaged hair. It serves to smother the hair and locks the moisture. To condition your hair using castor oil just add a teaspoon of castor oil to your leave-in conditioner and mix it well. Apply this conditioner after you shampoo your hair. This oil has humectant properties which help to lock in the moisture in the hair.

5. Castor Oil (Arandi)  Protects Hair from Damage

It acts as a layer on the hair and protects it from sun damage and also from loss of color. It maintains the natural oils and treats the scalp from the effect of harmful chemicals that are present in dyes.

6. Premature greying of hair

Nowadays, many are suffering from premature greying of hair. If you are having any signs of it, then start applying castor oil as it prevents melanin pigment from losing. Castor oil helps your hair retain its color, and protects your hair from turning gray or white prematurely.

Other Benefit:

1. Works as a Lubricant

It works as grease in moving parts of machines. It is often used in racing cars and cycle pumps as this does spoil the rubber. It can be safely used on kitchen appliances such as grinders, scissors etc.

2. Castor Oil (Arandi)  Food Preservative

Many don’t know that castor oil can be used as a preservative. The anti-fungal property of castor oil makes it an amazing natural food preservative. Food industry coats dried pulses and grains with castor oil for storing them for a long time. It saves food from pests and insects. Don’t worry, the oil goes off when we soak in water.


Castor oil can be found easily in any shop or otherwise you can order it through online. It is a cheap to buy, so make the best out of it.

Amazing Benefits and uses Of Castor Oil (Arandi) For Skin, Hair, And Health