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Corporate Show With An Urban Focus – Iris ’16

Rendezvous of Creative Talent – An evening of Cultural Extravaganza

Chennai, November 14th , 2016: Ajuba Solutions, India’s premier Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management companies, is all set to bringing back campus memories with their Ajuba Culturals Iris 2016, an exclusive corporate reality talent show. Creativity and fun were the key elements. A “Great Place to Work with” in the truest sense, Ajuba has set out to become a trend-setter in hosting and reviving the best talents in the organization, which is getting bigger by the year.

Corporate Show With An Urban Focus – Iris ’16

Corporate Show With An Urban Focus – Iris ’16

Employees in the corporate world at times need an outlet to let loose, have fun and a chance to express themselves. The concept of corporate culturals is relatively a new phenomenon that companies are introducing at their work places not only to give their employees an opportunity to showcase their talent, but also develop a sense of organizational ownership. So breaking the rigidity and the monotonous cycle, Ajuba always offers a variety of opportunities to the employees to showcase their colourful talents and thus keep the audience entertained. This time round, the cultural is not less than a reality show, with rigorous auditions to get to the finals, which will subsequently be adjudged by professional celebrity judges from the field of entertainment and media.
Major theme that will be focused here is titled as ‘ Pattanathil Thirivivizha ‘ – the focus being majorly the festivities in an urban landscape . The focus is on urban living and urban culture in this year’s cultural extravaganza.

With a lot of hopes to win, employees are intertwined with various responsibilities in order to ensure this cultural show as a grand success. A great atmosphere coupled with a fierce competitive spirit, the Ajubans are ready to unleash their potential and captivate the audience with thrill and fun.
Speaking on the occasion, Tony Mira, Group CEO of Ajuba Solutions said, “Iris has always been a very special occasion where we celebrate the spirit of Ajuba and its employees who have been our most preferred assets. With such a vibrant and an energetic environment comprising of splendid colourful talents, Ajuba has come a long way celebrating its 15 years of excellence with grandeur and pomp.     ”.

“This day every year Ajubans take special pride celebrating this fest of creative talents. We have always believed in ensuring that our employees are a reservoir of talents and love expressing themselves coming forward with creative brilliance and confidence to enthrall everyone with their typical star studded performances. It gives me immense pleasure to celebrate this fest which is a bundle of joy, talent and highly competitive aspirations to climb to the top ladders in order to achieve the numero uno position . A beautiful moment of relaxation, fun and a different world altogether for the Ajuba family far away from the routine schedules of our office tasks. ”, said Hema Parikh, Director – HR, Ajuba Solutions.

Ajuba Culturals – 2016, a gala event that includes competitions like singing, dancing, variety show and fashion show is all set to enthrall the vibrant audience who are awaiting the D-day.  The event will be held on November 11 th , 2016 at Chennai Trade Centre  , Nandambakkam , Chennai.

About Ajuba: 

Ajuba Solutions is a premier provider of revenue cycle outsourcing services to healthcare systems, hospitals, Physician practice groups, academic medical centers, medical equipment suppliers, and billing and receivables management companies in the US. The company partners with clients to provide a broad portfolio of customizable solutions, uncover and capitalize on hidden financial opportunities, improve productivity and ultimately increase their profits. Ajuba is part of the Miramed Global Services group which is headquartered in Jackson Michigan, USA . Miramed is a Leading global provider of revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare organizations in the US  . Miramed is a Leading global provider of revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare organizations in the US.