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Fintech Startup SpiderG's views on the Ban of Rs.500 and 1000 Currency Notes

India 9 November 2016: Mr. Ashwani Rathore, CEO & CO-Founder, SpiderG, on the ban of Rs. 500 and 1000 currency notes by the Government of India.

Fintech Startup SpiderG's views on the Ban of Rs.500 and 1000 Currency Notes

Fintech Startup SpiderG's views on the Ban of Rs.500 and 1000 Currency Notes

Ashwani Rathore, CEO & Co-Founder, SpiderG, said, “This is a promising move made by our honorable Primer Minister towards cashless economy. This will boost innovation in the nascent electronic payment and electronic invoicing  industry. It will create an awareness amongst the people of this country about paying taxes, filing taxes and joining the mainstream economy. With this move, we can expect more credit/debit card transactions, increase in digital payments, mobile payments and online banking which will push the vision of Digital India further. This will lay the foundation for a golden era in the ecosystem of Fintech startups which will reiterate the opportunities in India for developing electronic payment methods. GST launch along with this impeding will help to enhance traceability, which will be a key step towards strengthening the formal economy.” 

About SpiderG:

SpiderG is a Pune based Tech Startup which is into e-invoicing for SMEs which Provides real time actionable insights to users about their business, and their transactions with buyers and suppliers.
across the country.

SpiderG technology is helping SMEs to tackle their challenges like:
·         Improve cash visibility and its management
·         Exchange smart invoices, purchase orders and other documents
·         Have organized communication with other businesses as well as internally over specific transactional documents
·         Seamlessly integrate with existing systems like Tally & SAP

India’s first e-invoicing technology provider

Company Profile

Company Name: Gladiris Technologies

Brand Name: SpiderG

The idea of SpiderG, an e-invoicing technology provider for SMEs was born in early 2015 out of need to solve problems of Indian SMEs related to their invoicing. This startup was founded by 2 youngsters Ashwani Rathore and Harshal Ingale with a common aim of bringing about a change in the way big or small organizations conduct business with each other.

Gladiris Technologies owns the SpiderG which was started in December 2013 to cater to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software needs of small & medium enterprises. SpiderG is a SaaS product which provides real time actionable insights to users about their business, and their transactions with buyers and suppliers.

E-invoicing, Doc-Chat, Dashboard, workflow management, ERP Sync, CashCal, Dynamic discounting are some of the key features of the SaaS product developed by SpiderG. The idea of SpiderG was conceptualized and developed after months of research of past solutions, existing practices, future technologies and talking to lot of small, medium and large business enterprises.

SpiderG team is continuously innovating and establishing networks and strengthening its back-end to effectively reach out to the SME markets.

India’s first e-invoicing technology provider

Ashwani Rathore, Co-Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

B.Tech from National Institute of Technology (NIT)- Allahabad and an MBA (Finance) from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Ashwani Rathore is the Co-Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at SpiderG. Ashwani started his career in 2005 with IT major Cognizant, and then worked for a product company Talentica Software.

In 2007 Ashwani had also started a venture “Moms Kitchen”, a food e-commerce and aggregator and ran it for 3 years. After this venture, he worked for Venture Capital firm IndiaCo Ventures Ltd where his role was deal evaluation for investments

He also holds prior experience as a Business Consultant for Goldman Sachs and ISB-Hyderabad 10k women entrepreneurship program before starting the venture SpiderG.

With over 10 years of experience in finance and marketing, a large part of his experience involved setting up new businesses across e-commerce, IT, and B2B industries.

As the CEO of SpiderG, Ashwani is responsible for Finance, Marketing and Hiring processes. He is also accountable to drive revenue and margins by scaling up of operations and ensuring the right finances are in place to capture growth opportunities.

An ardent finance and marketing professional, Ashwani is well versed with the finance and marketing segments related to SME’s.

Reading up on psychology and cycling are the hobbies that Ashwani follows in his free time.