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International Organisations Take Major Steps to Extend Co-operation with EDUGILD

Mumbai, 22nd November 2016: EDUGILD, India’s first Edtech startup accelerator and Economic Policy Group (EPG) London have agreed to put together joint effort to intensify their cooperation on scaling up Edtech startups from India to Europe. This Platform will not only formalize regular discussions between EDUGILD and EPG on the design and implementation of startup programs in both countries, it will strengthen their scaling up support, deliver jointly developed business opportunities, investor relations, and information-sharing on operational and knowledge activities relevant for the ecosystem.

International Organisations Take Major Steps to Extend Co-operation with EDUGILD

This effort comes at a time of great momentum around Edtech start-ups in India, and was welcomed by leaders of both EDUGILD and EPG. Amid the growing importance of making start-ups globally viable  to achieve sustainability  a major aim of the collaboration is to better frame tangible advice to developing Edtech start-ups as they seek both more business and greater influence in designing international support and guidance.

Among the collaboration’s first tasks will be to deliver a four day UK visit package to help the EDUGILD start-ups implement the engagement with a proper handheld program in UK during the last week of Jan 2017: when BETT and Education Innovation Conferences will be happening in London. There will be an important link to the framework of European Edtech community which EDUGILD start-ups will enjoy, courtesy of EPG.

EPG UK is led by Pratik Dattani who has affirmed the co-operation by quoting that “London is the best start-up location in Europe, full of opportunity for aspiring global start-ups. We welcome Edtech start-ups from EDUGILD as India’s first and foremost Edtech accelerator and look forward to helping them go global.”

Rishi Kapal, CEO of EDUGILD mentioned that making their start-ups reach global markets is in the DNA of EDUGILD. This partnership with EPG is an important milestone in that direction, with Pratik being a great supporter and thought leader. He also confirmed that two of the eleven portfolio start-ups are already considering their participation in the engagement being envisaged. Here on, the program between EDUGILD and EPG has been formally announced and now will be executed relentlessly. EDUGILD is also talking to partners in Mainland China, Israel and South Asia (Singapore, Thailand/Malaysia) to institute more of such collaborations.

EDUGILD’s present portfolio has 11 companies, 8 from India, 2 from USA and 1 from Russia. This diversity of start-ups needs proper market access and EDUGILD is committed to the same. EPG specialises in developing market entry strategies for companies seeking to enter the UK market, and strategic communications, which makes the relationship all the more relevant with EDUGILD.


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