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Kraftly ties up with the Ministry of Textiles to promote handlooms and empower weavers & artisans

November 7th 2016, Chandigarh: The e-Commerce marketplace - Kraftly, as a recent initiative, just signed a memorandum with the Development Commissioner of Handlooms from the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Kraftly ties up with the Ministry of Textiles to promote handlooms and empower weavers & artisans

As a part of this exclusive agreement, Kraftly will now be selling products directly from weavers and artisans. For better customer satisfaction, these products will come under the ‘Indian Handloom Brand’ to prove the authenticity of the products. This partnership allows Kraflty to engage with weavers and groups from four major Handloom producers – Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Assam and Andhra Pradesh.  The ‘Indian Handloom Brand’ is an initiative launched by the honorable Prime Minister of India, for promoting quality handloom products and encouraging weavers and artisans to showcase their artwork for the rest of the country to see.

Commenting on this partnership, Saahil Goel, Co-founder & CEO, Kraftly said, “We are extremely excited about associating with the Handloom segment of the Ministry of Textiles. Now, Kraftly will be selling ‘Indian Handloom Brand’ products through our portal. We are looking forward to enabling the artisans and weavers to promote their products directly through the Kraftly platform and help in building an online presence for these sellers. We have got the ‘Indian Handloom Brand’ and ‘Handloom Mark’ logo on our website as well, and aim to create an additional source of livelihood for the weavers and craftsmen, and further promote the dying arts and handicrafts of India.”

Kraftly will also provide the craftsmen and weavers with infrastructural support in marketing, customer acquisition and data analytics to scale up their business. This includes helping these artisans in difficult areas such as payment automation, proper packaging, transportation and brand building exercises, making it convenient for their crafts to reach their audience.

Akshay Ghulati, Chief Business Officer, Kraftly said “The Handloom sector plays a vital role in our country’s economy. It is one of the largest economic activities, which is providing direct employment to over 65 lakh people who are engaged in weaving and allied activities. With this initiative, Kraftly is aiming to remove the middleman between artisans and consumers, making it possible for craftsmen to sell products directly without a mediator.”

Kraftly recently launched ‘Krafts of India’ with the aim to support the Indian handicraft ecosystem, and now, Kraftly seems to be well on its way to do the same as it will be listing the Handloom products from various weavers and artisans through Krafts of India itself. There are innumerable producers in the handloom market. All the Handloom products will be directly coming from artisans and weavers from different parts of India. Since the Ministry of Textiles has already tied up with a few top designers from the handloom industry, Kraftly now aims to have these designers on board too and to have their authentic handloom textiles on the Kraftly platform.

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