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Christmas 2016: Makeup Tips to Complement Your Christmas Look

Christmas 2016: Makeup Tips to Complement Your Christmas Look

India 13 November 2016: Christmas is arriving soon and everyone is preparing for the Christmas party and celebrations. Many girls must have already planned on what to wear for the Christmas party but are confused what kind of make up will complement their Christmas look. Read on for some quick makeup tips that will complement anything that you choose to wear for the Christmas party.

Step 1: As it is winter time, don’t forget to moisturise your skin before applying makeup. After you apply the moisturising cream wait for 10 minutes and then apply the make up, as winter tends to make your skin dry.

Step 2: To make your eyes look glamorous also apply some soft shade  of eyeshadow along with kajal and mascara. To make a bold statement with your eyes, you can apply glittering or shiny eye shadow. Make sure you don’t over do the shiny eyeshadow as it can mess up the whole look.

Step 3: Always choose to apply a compact powder or foundation that matches your skin tone. Then follow the foundation by applying a cream blush which will work to lighten up your cheeks and add a touch of soft red tone to it.

Step 4: As it is winter season make sure to moisturise your lips using a lip balm before applying any lipstick. While choosing a lipstick shade for your christmas look go for shades of red or maroon as they are known to be Christmas colors and will complement your Christmas party look.

Step 5: Keep your hair open instead of tying a bun or a ponytail and give your hair a bouncy look. You can also take the help of rollers to give your hair that bouncy look or you can have a blow dry done.