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Makeup tips for white party wear this Christmas for women

India 13 November 2016: White is one of the coolest colour to wear to a Christmas party this Christmas which is just around the corner, We are sure you've already picked a beautiful white outfit for Christmas.

Your white christmas look is only good if you are gonna be wearing the right type of makeup to complement the outfit. Read on for some amazing tips for women (Girl)  to look radiant in white this Christmas.

Makeup tips for white party wear this Christmas for women

Simple White Dress

A simple white girly dress with a shiny neckline is quite shiny, so do not add to the shine by applying shimmer on your face. When you choose to wear a white dress it’s always best to keep things simple by applying very little make up, like a light blush, a peachy lipstick which is not too dark and power brows.

Outfit with Metallic Silver

If the outfit you chose for christmas has hints of metallic silver, then it’s best to match it with similar eyeshadow. Complete this look with a dark metallic liner on the upper and lower lids of your eyes. Keep the lips pale.

White Embroidered Outfit

The best way to compliment a white embroidered outfit is to wear a bright red lipstick to perk up your face. Add a light dab of gloss on top of the lipstick. Pair your bright red lipstick with a medium brown eyeshadow.

White Dress

People who have Olive skin and black hair makes a striking contrast with white clothing. Don’t worry if you don’t have olive skin then just use a liquid bronzer on your face to get that olive skin look and have a smokey cat eye effect for your eyes to complete the look.

So go ahead and try this amazing tips for women to compliment their white outfits this christmas.