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NTL Lemnis launches "Pharox Streak Pro Batten”: An Ideal replacement for conventional tube light

India 2 November 2016: NTL Lemnis launches "Pharox Streak Pro Batten”: An Ideal replacement for conventional tube light Pharox Streak Pro is available in 5/10/20 watts and has an Integrated driver: unique and slim design provides hassle free installation process

NTL Lemnis launches "Pharox Streak Pro Batten”: An Ideal replacement for conventional tube light

NTL Lemnis, the LED Lighting solutions company has launched an innovative product “Pharox Streak Pro Batten”, an ideal replacement for conventional tube light with an integrated driver. Its unique and slim design provides hassle free installation process.

Pharox Streak Pro Batten is a powerful tube light with aesthetically pleasing design, which is maintenance free & eco-friendly. The tube light is backed by the reliable and eco-friendly LED technology and is a perfect solution for different installations like residential, indoor, commercial and production plants. With efficacy as high as 100lm/w, Pharox Streak Pro Batten  also has a 140 degree higher beam angle, more than any regular LED batten: this enhances the spread of light. It is a highly efficient tube light that consumes significantly lesser energy, offers longer life and provides surge protection of 2.5KV. Pharox Streak Pro Batten offers features such as a wide operating voltage range and good colour rendering to compliment the product. Uniform light distribution across the luminaire provides a complete visual experience to the consumer.

Pharox Streak Pro Batten stands out from its cotemporaries because of its unique features and is available in 5/10/20 watts across India at an MRP Rs. 495/695/900 respectively.

“It is our constant endeavour to give state of the art products and today every product from NTL is a result of rigorous R&D and innovation. Our customer centricity and customization ensures that more and more products such as Pharox Streak Pro Batten keep coming from the NTL stable”, says Mr. Arun Gupta, MD, NTL Group.

NTL Lemnis designs, manufactures and sells the Pharox range of LED lighting solutions for India as well as for the global audience. The USP of the “Pharox” range of products is that they are direct replacements of conventional lighting solutions at market acceptable prices without compromising on the quality of light. The focus is especially on industries such as Retail, IT/ITeS, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automobile, and consumer as well.

NTL Lemnis products are available across the country through specially appointed channel partners and sales persons. NTL Lemnis has its sales offices in North, West and South zones of India.

About NTL Lemnis:

Set up in April 2012, NTL Lemnis, is a fully owned subsidiary of  NTL Electronics, India's leading lighting electronics company. NTL Lemnis designs, manufactures and sells energy efficient LED lighting solutions for Indian as well as the global audience. Lemnis Lighting is credited with creating the first LED lamp in the world and NTL manufactured the first LED lamp in India for Lemnis lighting in 2009.

NTL Lemnis exploits the global design, production and distribution strengths of both the  companies(NTL & Lemnis - the global LED lighting innovator) to deliver innovative solutions for Home & Commercial lighting globally. NTL Lemnis primarily focuses on the geographical markets of India, Europe and Africa with company offices in India, Netherlands and South Africa.
NTL Lemnis produces and markets a complete range of energy efficient LED lighting products under the umbrella of the acclaimed Lemnis brand, Pharox, globally. The company’s USP is its ability to develop and manufacture products, which are direct replacements of traditional lighting solutions, at market acceptable prices, without compromising on the quality of light.

NTL Lemnis's primary focus in the initial two years was on the large businesses - industries that are typical energy guzzlers, such as Retail, IT & ITeS, Hospitality & Healthcare. Today, NTL Lemnis is focused on creating an effective sales and distribution network across the country, so that its entire range, which includes a portfolio of more than 250 products, can be made available directly to the end consumer.

In addition, NTL Lemnis is a major partner to Government initiatives to make mass adoption of LED bulbs possible. NTL has distributed more than 15 million lamps through the Government initiatives, till date and continues this partnership.

NTL Electronics India Limited

NTL began its operations in the year 1993 and started its lighting journey in the year 2002. With an annual turnover of Rs. 517 Crore  (2015-2016), NTL is one of the  leading lighting electronics manufacturing company in India. Today NTL works with who’s who of the lighting industry in India. In 2010, a Private Equity firm, CX Partners, picked up a 20% stake in the company.

The lighting journey for NTL in 2002 began with manufacturing of CFL ballasts. Over the years, NTL has grown significantly in design capabilities. NTL has played a pivotal role in making high end electronic ballasts especially suited to the Indian lighting conditions. NTL has been a frontrunner in converting CFL lamps to HPF (High Power Factor) as well as redesigning them to make them more cost efficient. The first LED lamp in India was developed and manufactured by NTL in 2009.
At NTL, the manufacturing capability has also grown significantly, keeping pace with the growth in development process. Today NTL as a group has 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 4,59,000  square feet with a combined capability to manufacture approx 8 Mn products per month. The facilities are spread across Noida, Roorkee and Dehradun.

NTL’s biggest strengths are its development and manufacturing capabilities. Both the manufacturing and development activities for clients are undertaken at NTL and as a result, time to market for new products is not very long. This capability allows NTL to give a large range of customised products to its customers in the quickest possible time. Today, the product portfolio of NTL comprises of electronic control gears, transformers, ballasts, luminaires, retrofit CFLs, LEDs and LED drivers.