Pre-Christmas Cleaning Tips: How to Prepare Your Home for Christmas

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India 12 November 2016: Christmas is just round the corner. We all start our christmas preparations by cleaning our homes. To make your Christmas cleaning a bit easy we have put together our list of how to clean our house for Christmas. Read on for our best Christmas cleaning tips for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room.

Preparing for Christmas Parties by Cleaning our homes

Guest Bedrooms

Guest Bedrooms

We all have guests visiting us during Christmas, even if you’re not expecting guests you should still be ready for the unexpected guests like someone from your family turning up on christmas unannounced to surprise you, or a friend who comes over to greet you and with all the wine and festive cheer with you is unable to drive home. This makes it very important to have your guest bedroom ready to receive guests without a notice.

Tips to get your guest room up and ready for Christmas:

Change all the bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains etc. so that they’re clean and fresh.

Use a Vacuum cleaner to Vacuum and polish the guest room to freshen it up, if you don’t use this room very often. Rooms are not used for long time can gather dust, making them quite musty.

Clear the wardrobe, so that your guests can use it. Also clean your wardrobes, as these can be ideal places where mould breeds.


If you plan to host a big family Christmas dinner, then the kitchen will be the main part of your home. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, it’s also about safely and hygienically storing food; Keeping your glassware, cutlery, and crockery clean and shiny. Also make sure you have taken care of all the laundry as well.

Tips to get your kitchen up and ready for Christmas:

Tips to get your kitchen up and ready for Christmas:

Stock up on some Persil small & mighty laundry detergent and Comfort fabric softener to take care of your laundry matters well before christmas..

We often use our ovens during christmas, so it’s very important to make sure it’s clean and ready to cook that christmas turkey to perfection. If your oven is not cleaned properly, it could affect the taste of the food you cook in it. See if oven cleaner works amazing to get your oven clean again. Do not start cleaning when the oven is hot.

Make sure you Clean your fridge of any wanted stuff like out-of-date food items. It’s important to empty your fridge so that you can have plenty of space to store your christmas delicacies.

No one likes a drink served in a dirty glass or food in an unclean plate, it’s very important that you make sure to get all your glassware clean before Christmas. Vinegar works like magic to clean glassware, don’t worry about the smell of vinegar, as it will go away when it dries.



Cleaning your bathrooms during your christmas preparation is as important as cleaning your bedroom. Clean your bathroom and make it as hygienic as possible. Your bathroom will be used more by your family and friends than your bedroom and maintaining a clean bathroom is vital to prevent the spread of germs. Cif Bathroom Spray and a toilet cleaning product from Domestos are amazing to ensure that your bathroom is clean and hygienic.

Living Room

Living Room

Vacuuming your living room before Christmas will keep your home looking clean and fresh. It’s also very important to clean your carpets before Christmas as carpets contain a lot of dust which may not go by just vacuuming it. If you have rugs at home, then flip them over and vacuum below them to get rid of as much dirt and dust as possible.

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