‘Queens Hain Hum’ actress Jiya Shankar storms out of an airplane

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‘Queens Hain Hum’ actress Jiya Shankar storms out of an airplane

Bangalore, November 23, 2016: We have heard of many instances where a person storms out of an airplane in movies and serials either after realizing that they can’t live without their loved one or if they come to know that their decision to leave is wrong. Looking at people storm out of airplanes in such instances is a very romantic moment for people to watch, but what if someone really gets off an airplane not for love nor for anything else but a cellphone! Funny isn’t it.

‘Queens Hain Hum’ actress Jiya Shankar storms out of an airplane

That’s what our very talented young artist Jiya Shankar who will be seen essaying the role of Shreya Singh Rathore in &TV’s upcoming new show ‘Queens Hain Hum’ was seen doing at the airport. Our sources said while returning back from a promotional event Jiya’s phone battery was dying and so to charge it she put it for charging at a common area. Post that she was seen interacting with her other colleagues and the cast and crew of the show. Without realizing her phone is still on charge Jiya ended up boarding the flight and then she realized that her phone is missing. She stormed out of the airplane with a lot of tension on her mind and went to fetch her phone.

When spoken to the lady herself Jiya Shankar she mentioned, “It was a Phew! moment in my life. My colleagues and I just completely forgot about my phone charging and all of a sudden when I realized I couldn’t help but just go run and get it. We just couldn’t stop laughing about the situation. It’s like in movies and serials when one gets off the plane very romantically to go see their loved one but I ran off to go get my phone on charging (laughs).”

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