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Resil Chemicals highlights its new pretreatment and finishing solutions to Bangladesh customers

India 18 November 2016: Resil recently organized a symposium on the dynamic textile landscape at Le Meridien. Resil has taken up this initiative to give a background on the developments in the textile industry and how Resil is innovating to meet new age challenges. This symposium was a common platform to meet with experts from the industry and key decision makers.

Resil Chemicals highlights its new pretreatment and finishing solutions to Bangladesh customers

Rama Srinivasan, General Manager – Business Development, presented a topic titled “Innovative Finishes by Resil” where he showed the cutting-edge finishes and performance solutions developed by Resil that are backed by intensive Research & Development. He described one of their interesting product named “SoladelTM” which is a revolutionary Titania Microsphere technology that harnesses sunlight to produce reactive oxygen, breaking down organic dirt molecules, releasing them from the surface of the fabric. Garments treated with SoladelTM use the natural power of sunlight to peel off any kind of organic dirt, thereby easing the washing process.

He also presented another two finishing agent called “N9 Pure SilverTM” & “Neu DriTM”. N9 Pure SilverTM is a patented, award-winning technology that neutralizes odour-causing bacteria on treated textiles, keeping garments fresh for longer. Neu DriTM rapidly wicks perspiration from the skin and transfers moisture to the fabric’s surface. It facilitates evaporation, leaving the wearer dry, comfortable, cool and confident.

Sudipta Sengupta, Senior Segment Manager presented an insightful presentation on the real need for pre-treatment, the future need for sustainability, and how Resil helps solve these problems. Title of his topic was “Textile Process Enhancers, Insights and Concepts in Pre-treatment”. Highlight of his presentation was how resil is developing futuristic concepts for sustainable pretreatment processes.  Resil ranges for Cold Pad Batch bleaching for knits, single component enzymatic scouring & Effective processing of elastase fibres achieved good attention at the seminar.

The event which was attended by the heads of leading textile mills and renowned experts in textiles from different parts of Bangladesh provided a rare opportunity to document and witnesses the changing paradigms in the textile industry, and trends that are vital to the global market.
Siddarth Kumar, Director of Resil Chemicals, said, “Bangladesh textiles industry is a very important textile market of global significance- we felt we must connect with the key decision makers and industry leaders in textiles in order to share ideas about trends in textile processing and foster better industry cooperation”.

Resil Chemicals is an innovation-driven, diversified chemical and performance materials manufacturer. In textiles, Resil provides cutting-edge solutions for the complete range of specialty finishes and auxiliaries. The product range covers finishing, pre-treatment and specialty processes. Resil was one of the first companies to begin a process of transformation by exploring the power of silicones in diverse industries.