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Robert Reiss and Ganesh Ayyar launch first of its kind CEO talk show – “Transformer CEOs”

Robert Reiss and Ganesh Ayyar launch first of its kind CEO talk show – “Transformer CEOs”
Series to provide practitioners guide to being successful in the digital revolution

 New York, November 10, 2016                 

Robert Reiss, CEO and Host of The CEO Show and Mphasis Chief Executive Officer, Ganesh Ayyar will be interviewing successful CEOs in a ten part series –‘Transformer CEOs: Unleashing the Personal Next in the Digital Revolution’. This series captures interviews of leading CEOs uncovering key elements and attributes of CEOs who have transformed themselves and their organizations. This initiative is a catalyst to guide and mold the digital transformation journey of leaders across global industries.

Transformer CEOs interviews will be available to various modes and channels that include:
·        The CEO Show’s current syndication of AM radio stations in the United States of America
·        Virtual reality and 360 degree videos on social media channels
·        Transcripts compiled into a digital magazine and shared with a community of 9,800 CEOs

“A transformative CEO creates new value that reinvigorates a company, reinvents the industry and reboots society. The digital revolution will forever change rules of business and the winners will be those enterprises who transform and manage the duality. What we’ve discovered is that transformation often starts with a CEO who first transforms themselves. We are pleased to collaborate with Mphasis to share our interviews of successful CEOs with the CEO community and industry leaders in an effort to elevate business, the economy and society,” said Robert Reiss of The CEO Show.

“Digital revolution is challenging every established success formula. CEOs of the analog era have to start transformation for themselves to replicate success. I am excited to partner with Robert and to be part of this platform in which our interactions with "Transformer CEOs" and our discussions will bring to fore the personal transformation journey of these leaders. All of us are constantly at risk of becoming outdated and irrelevant. This applies not only to us personally but also to the organizations that we represent. I realized that as CEO of a billion-dollar IT services company, I first needed to transform on a personal level in order for the company to do the same. I, along with other CEOs are keen to understand and hear about other self-transformation journey/s and how leaders have stayed with or ahead of the times.” said Ganesh Ayyar, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Mphasis.

To research the hypothesis and to master the industry revolution, Mphasis has taken various initiatives over the recent times. One such initiative being ‘The Next Story’ by Mphasis, shedding light on leaders’ transformation journeys and how to keep up or ahead of changing times. Mphasis has also collaborated with The Wharton School of Business - University of Pennsylvania to conduct series of discussions with the industry leaders on this topic. The partnership with The CEO Show is a next step in that direction.

Ganesh Ayyar, a true visionary and a leader has spearheaded a unique digital transformation at Mphasis. He was a pioneer in adapting to digital. Not only has he been aiding Mphasis but has also embarked on a personal transformation journey to become a spot-on digital master.
Robert Reiss and Ganesh Ayyar launch first of its kind CEO talk show – “Transformer CEOs”


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