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Safe Online Banking and Shopping With Connect Safe

Connect Broadband extends its support to India in the wake of new establishments and brings easy and safe online alternative for shopping to its customers

Chandigarh, November 15, 2016: When the world was eyeing America, wondering what the future will be; India was making history. The honorable Prime Minister of India addressed the nation to announce that Rs 500 and 1000 bills will be demonetized within hours.

Safe Online Banking and Shopping With Connect Safe

Safe Online Banking and Shopping With Connect Safe

This is already evident that we as a nation are moving to a cashless economy. With Paytm reporting 435 % increase in overall traffic and MobiKwik reporting 40 % increase in app downloads within hours of the announcement that came about the demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 notes, there was visible hike in online transactions, online shopping and online banking. However, people in our country are still skeptical when it comes to online shopping or online banking transactions because we hear about account hacking, internet scams etc.

When you transact online, it is critical to have a reliable and updated safety application on all your devices. We install trusted security software for our computers but rely on free security software when it comes to mobile devices, which are neither trusted nor reliable.

Internationally, F-secure is the number one online safety product company. Based out of Helsinki, this company has huge research and development wing to keep it ahead of hackers and scammers.

Connect Broadband has tied up with ‘F Secure’ to bring their genius protection products for the internet users in Punjab. Connect Broadband users can download an application called ‘Connect Safe’ for free.

The process to register on ‘Connect Safe’ is simple, the customers need to register their ‘Connect Safe’ just once and the same user ID and the password can be used for multiple devices. It renders browsing protection, spam filtering, filtering of unsafe websites and also banking protection as it specializes in blocking hazardous banking Trojans. It also provides protection against theft, as a customer just has to send an SMS along with the code provided to them and it will locate the missing phone even if the old SIM of the phone has been replaced.

‘Connect Safe’ can be the ultimate tool for the customers to protect themselves against unwarranted exposure to sleazy websites or entities. Connect Broadband, uncompromisingly devotes itself to invention and innovation to make a product and its protection easily and economically available for its customers.

Talking about the online security and safety, Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom said, “Online transactions are only going to increase in the future and it is crucial for all to keep their devices safe. It is imperative for our mobile devices to be as safe as our computers, as we make a lot of our online transactions through our mobiles too. Connect Broadband relentlessly works to bring the latest technology and the best in class products for consumers and also to ensure the protection of the facilities they use.”