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Technology takes over: The beauty of Human Interaction written by Teja Gudluru, CEO & Founder, UDO

India 11 November 2016: Virtual Reality is playing a very important role in today’s world.  It gives a scope to leap miles of distance, make communication better and save time. Humans are also taking the advantage of virtual reality to the fullest extent. To all our surprise, the thin line between virtual and actual world is getting blurred day by day.

Due to this excessive growth of Virtual environment, the scope of human interaction has become very limited. If we go back for five years, we can see that we used to solve every kind of difficulties by our own, where as in today’s world, we tend to look to search engines to solve even the most minor problems. Issues were solved on face to face interaction, career counseling, was done through physical visits, field trips etc. Now, we just confined ourselves in a computer-based online community environment. We are spending our times in reading others unwanted feeds and information in social media pages, rather than utilizing the time to cultivate something beneficial for our lives and society.

Due to ease in accessibility and lack in filtering information, we are bombarded with solutions, most of which are of questionable nature. If we are looking for any solution, thousands of bloggers and experts are giving different solution to the same problem, so we are in a confused state. Sometimes with a unique demographic and geographic nature, our problem is different from others and we need an unique solution to this problem, but in reality finding genuine answers has become complex as most of the help around seems to come through blogs, similar problems posted by other people or commercially driven posts. Although we are enjoying the huge growth of technology, but we cannot ignore the need and beauty of direct human interaction, that seems to take back seat now a days.

Text based communication has become a habit of people. Often the communication gap sustain and misinterpreted emails, text, creating further problems in the efficient functioning of the organization and in personal life as well. Personal relationships tend to lose their familiarity, with Whats App messages replacing daily practices such as phone calls and visits. There should be a balance between textual and human interactions.  The emotional need of a person get fulfilled when a person can interact with, other over a phone call. The communication become very easy and it also help to overcome state of confusion, misinterpretation that is lacking through text communication. A phone call to follow up an email, an actual conversation in a coffee shop with your loved one instead of talking it out in WhatsApp, talking to an actual person for advice rather than scoping the net out for blogs. Gathering inferences from face-to-face conversations tends to bring out greater insights, in comparison. In workplace, appreciation through e-mail maybe a faster route, but it lacks the feel-good factor. The feeling of being appreciated has a greater impact. This maybe because humans are a visual and when one gets to see appreciation; it has a more positive effect on him/her. Through electronic modes of communication, a wise feedback can come across as something offensive. However, if the management takes out time to approach the employee and discuss their areas of improvement, the employee is sure to take it in a positive way.

Technology makes our lives easy, but in term of communication, there is a great need to bring back humane touch. A conversation can open up multiple paths for refinement and progress and its significance in both workplace and personal life shouldn’t be ignored.


Teja Gudluru is the CEO and Founder of Mobitattva Creative Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which has developed UDO; an Android Mobile App which enables people to seek expert advice and also remunerate them for their opinions over certain subjects. He is the real brain behind UDO that acts like a real buddy and provides advices on every dilemmas of life, whether it be the relationships or shopping advice.

Mr. Teja Gudluru is an international trainer, Entrepreneur and an industry veteran, with a profound experience in Management Consultation, Corporate Training, and Behavioural Coaching. Teja’s niche training competencies include various multitudes of Learning Technologies over 30,000 individuals across the spectrum of industries and hierarchies. He plays a vital role in this company by providing stupendous leadership and inimitable business strategies.
Mr. Teja is a certified Leadership and Management Trainer by the American Society of Training and Development. He started his entrepreneur career 7 years ago to pursue his dream and make a difference in the field of learning and development. Currently, he serves as the Founder-Director of CommSure Knowledge Solutions, a premier Learning and Development company in Hyderabad.

He has 15 years of expertise in leadership and training and has been associated with elite clients such as The World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Mahindra Satyam, HSBC, Amazon, Unysis, Caere India, Allegis Group, United Health Group, GE and Google. Alongside, he constantly facilitates workshops for various Government Projects, Corporate Organizations and Educational Institutes. He has also delivered Personality Development sessions at various colleges and universities.  He has formulated learning technology tools such as Eklavya Online, LMS, Vendor Management, CMS, Assessment Tools, to suffice organisational requirements; these are among his key achievements.

Mr Teja is a graduate in the field of Engineering with specialisation in Electronics and Communications from JNTUH and received MBA in HR from Symbiosis Institute.

Mr. Teja has a wide experience in the field as has worked with professionals and senior management teams across 7 different countries. In the past, he has worked on Directorial roles in some of the reputed companies in India and abroad. He has also received honorary accolades in his corporate experience and as a trainer which includes Employee of the Year, in HSBC Global Resourcing unit.

He is a music aficionado and a travel enthusiast. He is associated with NGOs serving rescued animals.


Established in August 2016 and based in Hyderabad, the city of Nizams. UDO is a budding android app that lets you connect to thousands of experts in over a hundred categories. This innovative company offers mobile app which helps people get connected to their Udo buddy and seek expert advice related to any problems he or she is going through. Udo is an online app that connects people offline.
This unique name Udo is a colloquial abbreviation to the word You Do! There are many times in life that one requires an advisor or a mentor, UDO can be a partner or all occasions by providing the necessary information. UDO is a brainchild of Mr. Teja Gudluru, who along with two other co-founders believed in this unparalleled venture as a platform that can benefit users who need help, experts who have time to spare and companies who are looking for specific databases to reach out to. UDO is backed by a strong panel of Industry experts on their advisory board. This makes it a very accommodating and sustainable model.

UDO was conceived with a sole motive: to help Indian audiences in every step they take in life with an expert advice. That is, from travel and relationship advice to handling a difficult boss, career guidance, demand express advice in life's difficult situations or sometimes, simply someone to give you fashion advice. In a nutshell, UDO is a complete package in itself. UDO wants’ its users to stop texting and start talking to experts. Thus, with expert advice on finger tips and the ability to connect to an actual verified person instantaneously, Udo has the potential to become the market leader in Search and assisted services.

UDO not only enables people to seek expert advice but also remunerate experts for signing up in their field of expertise and providing opinions. It acts like a real buddy and provides advices on every dilemmas of life, whether it be the relationships or shopping advice. UDO believes that “Life is beyond virtual” and one should start talking rather than finding solutions on websites and other chat based apps. It’s a ready reckoner to talk to a real expert on a call at the time of need instead of searching texts online. The key differentiating factors that sets UDO apart that, it targets the niche sector that lack clinical guidance by providing a real interaction platform with the experts. Besides, it has a huge potential of changing the industry landscape and also provide employment opportunity to the youth. Moreover they aspire to become the must- have partners in forums such as, Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications.

Aiming to be the part of fortune 500 companies, promoters aspire to reach 1 Lakh downloads by August, 2017 with an annual turnover of 2 crores. UDO, has also foreseen future evolution of services in providing multi assistance to its users.
 UDO is constantly innovating; keeping in mind the current needs of the modern application users and aims in providing a seamless expert advice through its app. Besides, it will also assist in earning money in different ways across all ages.  You can download this app from any android platform.
Backed by a strong business model, innovative technology and Industry’s expert veterans, UDO is gearing up to position itself amongst the top most valued brand in India in the coming few years.